Image of Ersa 0ICV2005HP Soldering station 200 W 150 - 450 °C

Ersa 0ICV2005HP Soldering station 200 W 150 - 450 °C

The i-CON VARIO 2 HP MK2 multi-channel soldering station is standard with our strongest soldering iron, the i-Tool high-power (250 watt heating power). This soldering iron is Ideal for very heat-demanding tasks such as soldering:- Very strong cables- Sheet metal- Massive transformers- And anywhere where large metal surfaces need to be soldered extremely quicklyAs usual, many tools of the i-Con Vario family can be used. The following tools are compatible:- I-Tool high-power (0240CDJ) with standard delivery- I-Tool (0105CDJ)- Classic Chip Tool (0450MDJ)- Vario chip tool (0460MDJ)- Micro Tool (0270BDJ)- Tech Tool (0640ADJ)- Power tool (0840CDJ)(Warning! This station is optimized for the High Power Tool. It is not possible to operate an Air-Tool or X-Tool (Vario).The compact, ESD secure supply unit offers, as is usual in the i-CON-Family, very simple and clear operability. Interfaces to Ersa solder fume extraction and heating plates are as much a matter of course as with the larger i-CON VARIO 4 MK2, as well as the simple and safe configuration of the station via a microSD memory card.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 1469.49

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Universal Malls & Stores Ersa 0ICV2005HP Soldering station 200 W 150 - 450 °C EUR 1469.49

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