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testo 440 Set1 delta P Anemometer

This set allows you to do all relevant measurements in the ventilation duct and the air/Ceiling outlet! The set includes a climate meter testo 440 dP including differential pressure sensor as well as the 100 mm vane probe head and hot-wire probe head (Ø 9 mm) for attaching to the supplied universal Bluetooth handle. For more comfortable measurements can both probe heads with the included in the set telescopic are combined. To Set a suitable combination case included.The meter has a large, illuminated color display and has a structured measurement menu by pressing and specific temporal averaging, average volume flow, current measured value, as well as min/max values are displayed. You can also dimension and geometry of the channel cross-section must be entered to calculate an exact calculation of the volume flow. Other measurement menus as long-term measurement and volume flow measurement with funnel are also possible.The testo 440 meter collects and evaluates your measurement data and may be used up to 7,500 measurement protocols in its integrated measurement data memory. Measurement protocols can be read via a USB-interface and as a CSV file on the computer (e.g. with Excel) can be processed further.In the handheld meter are practical magnets to secure the device to metal surfaces (e.g. flow channel) are integrated. Automatic recognition of the probes, is available. Using the button on the handle, the individual measured values. The Bluetooth handle provides for more comfort for your measurement and less cable clutter in the bag!This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 1867.09

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