Image of elo Touch Solution EloPOS™ Touchscreen 396 cm (156 inch) 1366 x 768 p 16:9 10 ms USB 30 USB 20 Micro USB 20

elo Touch Solution EloPOS™ Touchscreen 396 cm (156 inch) 1366 x 768 p 16:9 10 ms USB 30 USB 20 Micro USB 20

EloPOS system Modern. Modular. Perfect for retail!The versatile EloPOS system combines modern esthetics, modular flexibility with the highest reliability for use in commercial environments. Designed specifically for POS applications, the EloPOS system offers a 15.6-inch touch screen with 10-way touch, a selection of Intel 8 processors. Generation as well as an integrated extension hub for connecting accessory devices such as customer display, credit card reader, printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner or scale. From the traditional POS terminal to self-service applications, the EloPOS system guarantees the wear resistance and reliability that are essential for continuous use in the public sector.Interactive point of saleThe EloPOS system has been specifically designed for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of environments. Whether as a fixed POS or POS system or as a self-service order terminal, EloPOS ensures that every touch delivers what was needed by your employees and your customers.Connections. Connections. Connections.The Expansion Hub allows you to connect all the POS peripherals you need directly. From cash register shops, printers to bar code scanners and payment terminals — connectivity covers all applications. Two models are available, which fit perfectly in the base of the EloPOS stand or in the back of the display, in order to support stand or wall mounting.Customized solutionsThe EloPOS system also stands for maximum flexibility during installation. With the standard VESA mount, optional stand or self-service stand, you get solutions for all common installation requirements. From the POS terminal to the self-service checkout terminal, the EloPOS system can help you achieve maximum impact.A display for the customer? No problem!The EloPOS system allows you to connect the Elo 1302L touch screen monitor with a single cable - via the touch, display signals and power supply of the second monitor. The number of cables reduced from 3 to 1 makes installation and maintenance much easier.More options with Elo Edge Connect™Versatility - that's what Elo Edge Connect stands for with a wide range of peripherals. Convenient connection options for up to four additional devices: POS, Endless Aisle range extension or Self-Service – the connection to the touch screen is no problem. Another benefit is that you can add or change peripherals later if your needs change.Windows or Linux?You have the choice! EloPOS leverages the reliability-tested performance and security of Intel 8 processors. Generation, integrated Trusted Platform modules, Intel vPro™, and Windows 10 operating system. For added flexibility, EloPOS models offer no operating system. However, all are pre-tested with the Linux SuSE, Ubuntu and Red operating systems to provide companies with the best solution for their respective environment.This text is machine translated.

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