Image of elo Touch Solution 1590L Touchscreen EEC: F (A - G) 381 cm (15 inch) 1024 x 768 p 4:3 23 ms VGA DisplayPort USB type

elo Touch Solution 1590L Touchscreen EEC: F (A - G) 381 cm (15 inch) 1024 x 768 p 4:3 23 ms VGA DisplayPort USB type

ELO open frame touch screen 1590LThe 15-inch open frame touchscreen 1590L is a robust industrial solution that benefits OEMs and system integrators looking for a cost-effective and reliable product for their customers. Designed for reliability from the start for a special touch experience, Elo's open-frame products offer excellent image quality and resolution, plus excellent light transmission for fast response times and precise, drift-free operation. Whether you're looking for a solution for self-service, gaming, industrial automation and healthcare, the 90er series is available in a variety of sizes, touch technologies and image brightness to provide the versatility that commercial kiosk applications require.We enable partners to build smarter kiosks.With EloView and the Elo Backpack, managing kiosks is easy! Combine your interactive Elo Open Frame touch screen with the Elo Backpack and EloView and you get a cost-effective, scalable solution, all under one architecture. The backpack offers an energy-saving, reliable and fanless computer solution with Android 7.1 (Nougat). When combined with EloView, your kiosk is ready to use and provides seamless control and management of devices and content remotely.Flexibility for your installationTable, kiosk or cabinet? With our open frame solutions for commercial use, you remain flexible: The numerous mounting options enable mounting in landscape and portrait format or even flat lying, so that our touch screens meet a variety of installation situations. Enjoy an excellent viewing experience at any time with our open frame touch screens, whether you're looking directly or remotely at the screen or from a different viewing angle, because you always enjoy brilliant pictures and perfect clarity.Touch-through functionality with PCAPOptimum protection even for installations in harsh environmental conditions – with touch-through response. Our TouchPro® PCAP technology detects contact with glass up to 6mm thick and is particularly suitable for solutions that require specific IP protection types. Whether you're looking for a flush-mount solution or a display that has a protective cover glass, our rugged PCAP open-frame touch screens are designed to last in a variety of applications and environments, from the self-service kiosk to heavily used slot machines to industrial machines.Developed for commercial useWe are proud to be one of the best manufacturers on the market and deliver a reliable, one-stop solution. We design and construct systems that focus on touch functionality and touch experience from the very beginning. Our touch screen solutions are highly flexible and robust, making them ideal for installations in a variety of environments. In addition, we subject our products to intensive and rigorous testing procedures to ensure a long service life and maximize your profitability.This text is machine translated.

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