Image of Yamaha CS-700AV Full HD webcam 1920 x 1080 Pixel

Yamaha CS-700AV Full HD webcam 1920 x 1080 Pixel

Get the most out of your meetings with a video conferencing system designed for your most important applications.This all-in-one video conferencing system provides the best audio and video capabilities in any small meeting room. The wall-mountable system is specially designed for smaller rooms. With the optimized microphone technology, the adjusted loudspeakers and high-quality video quality it brings clarity in communication and cooperation. Built-in remote administration capabilities make it easy for your IT department to remotely monitor, manage, and update systems.All-in-one video conferencing systemYamaha's industry-leading CS-700 ultra-wide angle camera captures all conference participants in the same field of view at a 120-degree angle. The CS-700 covers an area 80% larger in the room – disturbing swiveling and zooming are more necessary to capture all persons in the room. With its high pixel count, the CS-700 captures every facial expression that can be seen by people up to 10 feet (3 m) away from the camera. This is really a video system that you set up once – and then it's running!Yamaha’s “every word was heard” sound experience has never played a role in successful meetings as it is today. The CS-700 has a beamforming microphone array that captures and reliably transmits every spoken word. In combination with the award-winning sound processing technology of the CS-700, participants can naturally conduct conversations in which everything is clearly understood.Multiple connectivity options- support for audio and video via USB- phone connections via Bluetooth and NFC- works with the UC application of your choicethe technology occupies the entire table? Create space!In small meeting rooms, free table space is usually scarce. The Yamaha CS-700 is wall mounted, so there's no need to place any equipment on the table. The wall mount is easy to install and the swivel design makes it easy to attach the cables. If you can drill a hole, you can also install the CS-700.Introducing remote IT management for small meeting roomsManaging hundreds of small meeting rooms is a challenge for any IT department. The Yamaha CS-700 makes remote monitoring and management of the systems and the collective configuration of numerous devices no longer a problem. Automatic upgrades can be performed remotely via the IP interface. This makes it much easier to manage technical devices in small meeting rooms!- Complete API for integration with room control systems (optionally via SSH protocol)- Remote administration and management, system notifications (SNMP), optional provisioning server, automatic configuration support- Easy on-site configuration via Internet-based UI or service appThis text is machine translated.

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