Image of Xiaomi 13T 5G smartphone 256 GB 169 cm (667 inch) Green Android™ 13 Dual SIM

Xiaomi 13T 5G smartphone 256 GB 169 cm (667 inch) Green Android™ 13 Dual SIM

Authentic Leica imagesThe lens provides a perfect balance between optical power, size and durability and reproduces the light in an extremely realistic way.Optimized for greater purityThanks to the professional quality of Leica, the optical quality of the lens has been modified and improved in order to ensure rich colors, an ultra-high resolution, the elimination of ghost images and scattered light as well as an excellent reproduction even in extreme environments.Leica main cameraThanks to the extraordinary sensor size your photos look still better and reproduce light and shade even more realistic.Leica camera with telephoto lensCorresponds to the focal length of a 50-mm telephoto lens and produces a Bokeh effect with an ultra-wide aperture of f/1.9, which is comparable with the professional DSLRs, in order to capture more lively people.Enjoy more freedom with your creationsBe inspired by two photographic styles: You can adjust hue, shading and texture to improve image quality and create more creative opportunities with Leica aesthetics.Image enhancementOptical fusion: Integrated optical information, fusion of space, time, light and shadow.Exquisitely CraftedThe linear screen design in conjunction with the Eloxal effect spray produces a metallic texture and a smoother feel. The DECO section uses the same perforation and cutting method with a blade that is also used for clocks. Super-glossy metal for an eye-catching texture.Pleasant to touch and environmentally friendlyNew, durable and dirt-repellent PU compound technology with excellent cold resistance and breathability. A more natural material that is gentle to the skin and feels very pleasant.6.67-inch dot displayBrand new, custom-made AMOLED display with significantly improved performance and a maximum brightness of 2,600 cd/m², which is easily visible even in sunlight, for an improved creative experience.Ultra-dynamic displayRecognizes precise HDR areas, uses dynamic masks to darken the brightness of non-HDR areas and simply switches between areas of different brightness to improve image quality.Adaptive syncThe multi-stage image refresh rate ensures that the screen intelligently adapts to the optimum refresh rate while playing, watching videos or reading - for a smooth and comfortable experience, which also saves power.This text is machine translated.

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