Image of XYZprinting Nobel 10 A (Advanced) 3D printer

XYZprinting Nobel 10 A (Advanced) 3D printer

The Nobel 1.0A Advanced brings XYZprinting, thanks to improved resolution, the user-friendly and cost-efficient under the professional 3D printers with SLA technology on the market. Press in highest precisionWith the use of a ultra-violet laser is photo-sensitive synthetic resin has cured. This allows the Nobel 1.0A to high-precision print resolution of 25 micrometers by the human facial expressions to the fur of an animal captures even the smallest detail.In contrast to conventional 3D printers, you can with the applied technology, even with moving parts, such as the tauwerk of a ship, and complex objects without pressure helps clean and smooth, can be printed.Plug & PlayThe Nobel 1.0 does not require any settings or installation - simply connect and losdrucken!The Nobel 1.0A also has an improved automatic filling system, the resin objects are checked and, if necessary refills. In this way, the pressure process as easy as never before. Single place printer stand-alone printerNobel 1.0 A is a plug-and-play-capable 3D printers with USB port; then you only need a USB cable and the print button. After a few inputs, you get a perfect expression.Closed pressure range ensures safety for private useThe 405-nm UV-class 1 laser with product casing is suitable for the secure home use; the completely umschlossene design protects the user from ultraviolet radiation during printing.Go bigWith a maximum volume of 128 x 128 x 200 cm, offers the Nobel 1.0A a 25 percent larger print surface than any other desktop SLA 3D printer in the market. This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 3207.56

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