Image of Teledyne LeCroy T3DSO2354A Digital 350 MHz 2 GS/s 200 MP Digital storage (DSO) 1 pc(s)

Teledyne LeCroy T3DSO2354A Digital 350 MHz 2 GS/s 200 MP Digital storage (DSO) 1 pc(s)

Four-channel high-bandwidth oscilloscope. It offers a maximum sampling rate of 2 GSa/s and a maximum memory depth of 200 Mpts in half-channel mode. It contains two 2-GSa/s ADCs and two 200-Mpts memory modules. When all channels are enabled, each channel has a sampling rate of 1 GSa/s and a standard recording length of 100 Mpts. If only one channel per ADC is active, the maximum sampling rate is 2 GSa/s and the maximum recording length is 200 Mpts. To make operation easier, the most commonly used functions can be accessed through the user-friendly design of the front panel.Recording length up to 200 MptsThe recording length of up to 140 Mpts on the T3DSO2000 and 200 Mpts on the T3DSO2000A series allows the use of a higher sampling rate to capture more signal details. The hardware-based zoom then allows you to quickly zoom in on any area of interest.Advanced waveform acquisition ratesWith a waveform capture rate of up to 500,000 WFM/s (sequence mode) and 120,000 WFM/s (standard mode on the T3DSO2000A) and 140,000 WFM/s (standard mode on the T3DSO2000 series), users can easily detect interference, rare anomalies, and interference other events with a low probability.History modeThe always-on history mode records up to 80,000 waveforms on the T3DSO2000 series and 90,000 on the T3DSO2000A series, allowing users to scroll through previous captures to observe past events and quickly locate anomalies.Advanced maths functionThe standard maths operation includes plus, minus, multiplication, parts, FFT, integration, differential and square root for quick insight into waveform characteristics. This provides customers with the tools to extract results from waveforms and measurements.256-level intensity evaluation and color temperature displayThis function is ideal for displaying modulated and changing waveforms. The color temperature display clearly shows noise and jitter with rarely occurring waveforms in blue up to the most frequently occurring waveforms in red.Sequence modeThe segmented memory mode can store up to 80,000 waveforms on the T3DSO2000 or 90,000 on the T3DSO2000A series and capture fast pulses in rapid succession. Combine sequence mode with advanced triggers to isolate rare events. All segments can be played back with the history function.Comprehensive statistical functionsParametric statistical data for 5 parameters can be displayed simultaneously. The statistical measurements include: Current value, mean value, minimum value, maximum value, standard deviation and the number of measurements.Eres modeEnhanced Resolution (Eres) mode reveals hidden waveform details by using a linear average filter to reduce waveform noise even for waveforms with a single acquisition.Full connectivityConnectivity includes an external trigger input, pass/fail and trigger out, a USB device (USBTMC), a LAN (VXI-11) for the remote control and a Kensington lock security point.This text is machine translated.

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