Image of TEAC TN-3B-SE Turntable type Belt drive Black

TEAC TN-3B-SE Turntable type Belt drive Black

The TN-3B-SE is a stylish, slim record player with belt drive, built-in MM type PHONO EQ amplifier. It uses a new, pivot-type pick-up arm developed in collaboration with the high-end pick-up arm manufacturer SAEC to provide the highest stability and resolution.The belt drive helps to reduce unwanted cogging effects (e.g. fine pulsation) by operating the motor to ensure precise and even plate rotation. The TN-3B-SE also uses a high-precision NJM808080 operational amplifier in its built-in phono EQ amplifier, which allows the user to enjoy the sound of its vinyl records with low distortion and in high quality. The TN-3B-SE offers natural and balanced sound quality and is quick and easy to set up. We believe it sets a new standard that meets the needs of both audiophile and passionate record collectors.SEAC pick-up armIn cooperation with SAEC Corporation, a world-famous high-end pick-up arm manufacturer, the tone arm of the TN-3B-SE has a knife-like pivot function. Unlike conventional bearings, subtle movements with this pick-up arm actually contribute to creating a more dynamic sound with excellent resolution. The S-shaped tonearm also uses a universal headshell holder that allows the user to quickly and easily cartridge (from 14 - 23G / 0.5 - 0.8 oz.) / Replace headshells.Precise anti-skating and stylus pressure settingThe static-balanced S-shaped pick-up arm is equipped with a counterweight for precise adjustment of the field pressure and an anti-skating mechanism for an exact adjustment of the bearing force, so that the vinyl plates can be played accurately.Pre-installed VM series cartridgeAn audio-technica AT-VM95E cartridge with an elliptical stylize is conveniently pre-installed on the headshell. Once you have opened the box, simply set up the turntable and mount the headshell on the pick-up arm so that you can enjoy your records.Integrated MM phono EQ amplifierThe TN-3B-SE has A MM phono-EQ amplifier with which you can connect the record player to a conventional amplifier / Hi-Fi system, which lacks a PHONO input. The NJM808080 is a low-distortion Hi-Fi operational amplifier used to amplify low-level signals from the phono cartridge to LINE level.External belt drive with aluminum die-cast plateThe belt drive minimizes motor cogging by driving the outer edge of the plate (larger diameter, larger mass, larger surface).Luxurious, multi-layered paintAll internal components are mounted on a robust and high-density MDF base, which provides stiffness and vibration damping. With its elegant and stylish design, the TN-3B-SE offers the perfect frame for listening to vinyl records.33-1/3 and 45 rpm 2-speed turntableThe TN-3B-SE supports both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm for LP and EP recording. Our claim to the quality of the technology is also reflected in the design of the rotary control for starting/speed selection, which consists of milled aluminum.Insulating feet with excellent shock absorptionThe insulating feet consist of a machined aluminum shell covered with a rubber pad attached to the high-density MDF base. Thanks to its excellent damping properties, the TN-3B-SE is very resistant to acoustic feedback.Base plate with honeycomb structureApply a honeycomb pattern to the bottom plate to minimize unwanted vibration.This text is machine translated.

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