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Swipe ISBN 1230001798227

Author - Sasha Keeling
Published 2017/08/14 by Ink Hills
Wtf do I even put here? Do I seriously want this book read? Well obviously I do, else I wouldn't be publishing it, now would I? Oh jeez, so many questions. What the hell kind of book blurb is this? It's one that's reflective of the narrative herein, that's for sure. This is my diary. I wrote in my journal from 27th July 2016 - 27 July 2017. And I've decided to publish my dealings with dieting, being a single mother, and dating. That's right, I am a 40-something woman (age wise) who found herself single again as of 2015. I've been using dating apps. I've been on dates. I say that with trepidation. Tread carefully when using dating apps. You never know which psycho you'll end up meeting next! Haha no that's not true. Not all men off dating apps are crazy. The sweet ones are amazing! So why am I not still dating the sweet ones? I think the crazy guys spoiled dating for me. Now I just think all the sweet ones will turn out to be bonkers too! Oh dear.

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