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Sidi Crossair Boots Grey Black Talla 45

Sidi Crossair Boots Grey Black The Crossair Black Black isn't just a boot; it's a revolution in the world of professional motorcycling footwear, courtesy of Sidi. Weighing in at a mere 1665 grams (for size 43), it claims the title of the lightest pro boot ever crafted, setting a new benchmark for both performance and safety. With a pedigree of use by top riders in MX, hard Enduro, and Superenduro, the Crossair Black Black combines the unparalleled solidity of Sidi's premium offerings with an unbelievably light construction. Featuring an internal fiberglass reinforced exoskeleton for unmatched support and safety, and a sole developed in collaboration with Vibram® for exceptional grip and flexibility, the Crossair Black Black elevates your riding experience to a level beyond comparison. Specs of the Sidi Crossair Boots Grey Black * UPPER Technomicro Microfiber: This innovative material offers the durability and flexibility of leather without the heavy weight or long break-in period. It's resistant to abrasion and easy to clean, making your boots look new for years. * LINING Air Teflon mesh & Cambrelle: Designed for maximum breathability and comfort, this lining ensures your feet stay cool and dry even on the hottest rides, while providing excellent abrasion resistance. * SOLE SC23 sole Technology: Developed in partnership with Vibram®, the SC23 sole offers unparalleled grip and flexibility, allowing you to feel the bike beneath you like never before. * Shin plate: Protects against impacts and abrasions, crucial for both competitive riding and casual adventures. * Velcro closure: Ensures a snug fit, making adjustments easy and keeping the boot securely in place, no matter the terrain. * Micro adjustable and replaceable buckle system: Offers a custom fit and extends the lifespan of your boots by allowing worn parts to be replaced. * Anti hyperextension system: Protects your feet from overextension injuries, a must-have for riders who push the limits. * Hinge systems: Provides lateral support while offering a natural foot movement, enhancing control and comfort. * Calf section: Adjustable for a perfect fit, accommodating different calf sizes with ease. * Anatomic heel cup: Ensures stability and support, reducing the risk of injuries during high-speed maneuvers. * Replaceable Metatarsus insets: Offers additional protection to the foot's most vulnerable areas, enhancing safety without compromising on comfort. * Thermoplastic defender toe Area: Gives your toes the ultimate protection against impacts, keeping you safe as you conquer the track or trail. Exclusive Extras of the Sidi Crossair Boots Grey Black * A custom carrying bag, perfect for transporting and protecting your boots. * Replaceable components, from buckles to sole inserts, guarantee your boots can be precisely tailored and maintained for peak performance. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We're here to assist you in your search for the perfect motorcycle gear. Want to see more? Then check out our Sidi boots () category page for an extensive selection of top-quality footwear.
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