Image of Shoei NXR2 Graphic Ideograph TC-6 Full Face Helmet Talla S

Shoei NXR2 Graphic Ideograph TC-6 Full Face Helmet Talla S

Why choose the Shoei NXR2? The original NXR already was a pure sports performance helmet, designed for those who wished to take it up a notch. But Shoei did not rest on its laurels and they managed to distill everything they learned through years of research and development into the new and improved NXR2! Shoei’s NXR2 offers everything a race/sport rider needs to stay safe on the street and track. When deciding on a new helmet and safety is your top priority you cannot go wrong with this new NXR2. Safety features of the NXR2 A helmet's job first and foremost is to provide protection. Constructed from Shoei’s Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) is essentially a mix of various layers of fiberglass making it lightweight, strong and flexible. This ensures an effective impact absorption distributed over the largest possible area. The chinstrap is an important part of the helmet’s effectiveness in a crash and It is also the part that you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. The NXR2 features a Double-D buckle. This is probably the oldest style buckle and has the simplest design. Yet it is considered to be the safest to date and Double-D chin straps are the only ones allowed on the racetrack. In addition the NXR2 features extensive safety systems adding to its protective features namely; Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System and a multi density EPS liner. The NXR2 is ECE 22.06 approved, giving it another nutch up on its competitors! This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries like Australia and Canada. NXR2 for comfort and confidence Besides safety, comfort is key to any good helmet, this NXR2 is one of the few helmets out there that does a fantastic job. There are 6 inlets and 4 strategically positioned rear outlets that manage the air flow even at extremely high speed. Regarding those high speeds, the NXR2 is aerodynamically shaped and the integrated spoiler keeps the helmet stable, which all minimizes strain on the neck. Available in 4 shell sizes, Shoei ensures a compact and sleek fit, a factor that makes it a perfect lid for those who consider style as important as safety and performance. The NXR2 is fitted with a removable and washable interior. The Fiberglass / fiber mix shell makes the helmet weigh 1390g and our customers rate this helmet to have an Intermediate fit. Shoei NXR2 looks A helmet is arguably the most expressive piece of gear that a motorcyclist can wear. The NXR2 truly offers something for every rider's taste, if this particular version of the NXR2 is not your style, simply check out the other designs for the NXR2 () right here!
Blanco - Fibra de vidrio / Mezcla de fibras

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