Image of Serpent Cobra SRX8e PRO 1:8 RC model car

Serpent Cobra SRX8e PRO 1:8 RC model car

When it comes to developing a product, there are no abbreviations. With the intention of raising the bar, hard work and dedication is the only way to success. The SRX8 and SRX8 Evo were great cars, but here at serpent we wanted more of this product, as much as our customers and team drivers want to win. We raced; we tested; and repeated this process over and over again until we were sure we had created a car with better handling that could shorten your lap times. Why you ask because we want you to do your best with the least effort. That's was what makes a great product.Sometimes it is done right the first time in product development. In this case, we did, but we learned from our mistakes. After switching to the Evo Dogbone style setup, we heard your feedback and we responded. So ... Its back, the captured center drive train with lubricated joints and rubber boots. Why is it better, it's simple, it lasts longer, has less friction and has proven more reliable. Apart from that, it gives the car a more even distribution of power from the front to the rear.These new differentials were an issue that worried the SRX-8 race drivers. The reliability and performance of the original differentials were actually pretty good. The market, however, has other plans, was what a high-quality racing car must have. One of these must-have drives is large-volume, large internal gear differentials. We got lost here and went back to the drawing board and completely redeveloped our differential approach. The internal gears are an amazing mod 1.25, making them the largest in the market.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 706.71

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Universal Malls & Stores Serpent Cobra SRX8e PRO 1:8 RC model car EUR 706.71

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