Image of Senseca PRO 211-5 Differential pressure gauge Air pressure Non-corrosive gas Corrosive gas 2000 hPa (max)

Senseca PRO 211-5 Differential pressure gauge Air pressure Non-corrosive gas Corrosive gas 2000 hPa (max)

THE PRO 211 and PRO 215 are professional handheld differential pressure meters of the top class with a variety of functions, high robustness and ease of use for safe and reliable use. The PRO 215 also has the option of recording data.Pressure measurementThe measuring devices have an internal digital differential pressure sensor. Different measuring ranges are available depending on the model:- PER 21x-2: ±20 hPa- PER 21x-3: ±200 hPa- PER 21x-4: ±500 hPa- PER 21x-5: ±2000 hPaThe measuring device is equipped with a peak feature {test frequency with FW} in order to detect sudden fluctuations of the pressure measurement. Zero and slope corrections by the user make it possible to compensate for any sensor drift over time to achieve the best measurement accuracy.The data logger is supplied with universal pressure connectors with barbed hooks for connecting hoses with an inner diameter of 4 and 6 mm.The pressure connections are screwed to the meter with a standard thread G 1/8, so that the user can replace them with another type of connection if necessary, in order to adapt them to their specific needs.DisplayThe multi-lingual dot-matrix/clear-text LCD-display has an ergonomic wide-angle visibility from daylight to darkness thanks to the background lighting and shows either large scale values or the diagram of a variable measurement profile.The HOLD function allows you to freeze the measurements on the display, while the REL function allows you to view the measurement against a user-defined value.Many units of measurement available, depending on the measurement rangeApplication softwareIn addition to CSV files, a free, easy-to-use basic PC application software allows you to examine a large amount of recorded data, with the ability to display each recorded variable at a user-selectable interval.AlarmConfigurable alarm thresholds and optionally a hysteresis can be set. LCD display and buzzer activation when thresholds are exceededStatisticsAcquisition of MIN, AVG (average) and MAX for each displayed variable. The user can delete the statistical data to start a new statistical calculation.PC connectionThe USB-C connector allows you to view or download the files stored in the device's internal memory (PRO 215 only) or connect to the application software.Power Supply4 powerful AA-batteries, the power-saving design and the configurable automatic switch-off function ensure a long operation. For continuous operation, the device may also be supplied with power through the USB-C connection. Any commercial 5 Vdc power supply or a PC USB connection can be used.Configurable LCD-background lighting for more power saving options.ErgonomicsThe design allows one-handed operation as well as use on the table with a folding back stand.Side rubber protection offers a secure grip while using in the field.This text is machine translated.

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