Image of Schneider Electric Stepper motor BRS39AH361FCA

Schneider Electric Stepper motor BRS39AH361FCA

Three phase step motor of the series Lexium BRS3. This series of motors is characterized by its robust design and an optimized internal geometry, which ensures a very powerful stepper motor and minimizes maintenance costs. This motor has a holding torque of 4.18 Nm. The flange dimension is 85 mm, the motor length 98 mm and the centering strap 60 mm. The shaft has a diameter of 12 mm, is smooth and the degree of protection of the shaft end is IP41. The motor housing has protection class IP56. An encoder with 1000 pulses/revolution is installed. The nominal supply voltage is 48 VDC and is connected via connectors. This engine is equipped with a fitted holding brake at the factory. The movements are carried out precisely, step by step, which are defined by a Lexium SD315 stepper motor amplifier and are thus perfectly matched with each other.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 2894.71

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