Image of Schneider Electric Servo motor SH30552P11A1000

Schneider Electric Servo motor SH30552P11A1000

Lexium SH3 servo motor. This SH3 series of AC servomotors has a low rotor moment of inertia that enables high acceleration capability for dynamic applications. Owing to the winding technology, a higher power density results in a compact design This servo has a nominal continuous stop torque of 0.8 Nm and achieves a peak torque of 2.5 Nm. Its rated speed is up to 9000 rpm depending on the supply voltage. This results in a voltage-dependent nominal power up to 670 W. The built-in encoder is designed as a single turn with 128 periods/revolution (128x1024) as SinCos Hiperface. Electrical connection is made via 2x M23 plug connectors in a straight line. The motor flange is 55 mm for attachment. The drive shaft has a diameter of 9 mm. The shaft end is fitted with a key and complies with the IP54 protection class. The motor housing conforms to protection class IP65. There is no holding brake. The servo amplifiers of the Lexium series Lexium 52 & Lexium 62 are recommended for operation of the synchronous motor.This text is machine translated.

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