Image of Schneider Electric Servo motor BCH2LD0230CA5C

Schneider Electric Servo motor BCH2LD0230CA5C

BCH2 servo motor of the Lexium 28 servo drives series. The BCH2 series includes brushless synchronous AC servomotors with compact dimensions for dynamic applications. This servo has a nominal permanent stop torque of 0.64 Nm. Its winding type is optimized for torque at 3000 rpm and has a low moment of inertia. The nominal power is 200 W. The electrical connection is made via free wires. The motor flange is 60 mm for attachment. A high-resolution 20-bit absolute encoder as a single turn enables a precise control. The shaft end is designed to be smooth and compliant with protection class IP54. The motor housing conforms to protection class IP65. There is no holding brake. The associated servo amplifier from the Lexium 28 series is intended for operation: LXM28.U20M3X. Thanks to the Green Premium eco-label, you can get detailed information on material content, environmental impact and recycling management that support your sustainability goals.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 978.54

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