Image of PULS DIMENSION UC10241 Energy storage

PULS DIMENSION UC10241 Energy storage

The series DIMENSION-UC includes buffer modules, the edlc (electrical double layer capacitor, to Germany: Double-layer capacitors, commonly referred to as ultra capacitors or super capacitors), the inside the buffer module are installed. You can network failures or voltage fluctuations bridging and the 24 V DC bus for a certain time with power supply, what a secure shutdown of the system. Costly downtime and data losses can be avoided, length restarts. In the time in which the power supply sufficient voltage supplies, saves the buffer module energy in the capacitors. In the event of a fault, the mains voltage, this energy the DC bus in a regulated process again. The buffer modules are maintenance-free and have a similar life expectancy as power supplies. The capacitors do not have to be as in the case of battery-UPS systems be replaced regularly. Thanks to the large temperature range of -40°C to +60°C makes the unit for many applications. The buffer modules are available in two designs, with regard to the size of the built-in capacitors.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 621.67

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