Image of OSRAM 4062172120333 LEDHL108-BK Headlight Headlight (complete) BMW BMW 1 Series

OSRAM 4062172120333 LEDHL108-BK Headlight Headlight (complete) BMW BMW 1 Series

Driven by our drive for innovation and quality, we redefine OSRAM's vehicle lighting. There are no compromises with OSRAM in quality and performance. The extension to the OSRAM LEDriving front headlights for the BMW 1er has given OSRAM's extensive LED portfolio an additional upgrade. These full-LED headlights offer an innovative design, in order to supplement the individual look of your vehicle impressively. The OSRAM LEDriving headlights bring precise lighting in the front of your vehicle and on the road and are additionally an upgrade to the latest OEM-Premium technology. In addition, there are two variants available: THE BLACK or CHROME EDITION both are designed in such a way that they effectively accentuate the individual style of your BMWs. The OSRAM LEDriving front headlight is a complete LED headlight, it is equipped with LED position light, LED low beam, LED high beam, LED daytime running light and LED score points thanks to long-life high-performance LEDs with intensive brightness by up to 200% more light (compared to the minimum requirements), impress with up to 100% whiter light (compared to standard halogen headlights) And are characterized by a beam range that can reach up to 200m. In addition, they convince with modern fiber optic technology and modern diffuser material with a homogeneous light distribution and pixel-free optics. All of these aspects make it possible to improve the driver's visibility and to improve the perception of your vehicle by the oncoming traffic, thus increasing road safety. OSRAM also guarantees 2 years warranty.Plug & Play technology ensures fast and uncomplicated installation of OSRAM LEDriving front headlights, Existing cables need not be modified or damaged.tested OSRAM quality according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025Der OSRAM LEDriving front headlights have been tested in our DIN certified environmental simulation laboratory for extreme external influences in terms of water, dust, cold and warm temperatures, UV light and permanent vibrations & shocks and have been validated with the IP protection class IP69K.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 1481.01

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Universal Malls & Stores OSRAM 4062172120333 LEDHL108-BK Headlight Headlight (complete) BMW BMW 1 Series EUR 1481.01

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