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Nickel: An Industry On the Brink of Expansion ID 101159781855738720

Author - Anyadike, Nnamdi
International Economics - Economics - 2002/03/01 - Woodhead Publishing
This far-reaching report addresses nickel industry's key issues as it emerges from the roller-coaster ride of price volatility which has characterised it in recent years. In 2002 the indications are for an upswing in demand as industrial activity starts to pick up again: however, on the supply side it is unclear how much output will be realised from the "mega" projects that were announced that the end of the 1990s. Both nickel consumption and prices could be adversely affected in the future by environmental restrictions, increasing substitution of nickel-containing materials and the development of relatively low-grade lateritic nickel deposits. Up-to-date, in-depth research and analysis to make you an authority on the world's major nickel marketsPresenting a truly global picture, this report examines the current state of the nickel industry and the prospects for the future. Some key findings of this reportSome analysts predict that PAL technology could increase world nickel supply by 0.8 million tonnes per year within the next 10 years. Murrin Murrin, the largest of the three Australian "mega" projects, will be a major addition to Australia's nickel-producing capacity. Anaconda and Glencore have committed to expanding its total nickel production capacity to 115,000 tonnes per annum. Total world demand for primary nickel grew by 6.3% in 2000 to reach a record level of 1,115,000 tonnes. Demand for nickel in batteries is expected to soar, fuelled by increased consumption of both rechargeable batteries and new forms of automotive batteries. The future levels of production and consumption in Russia are expected to continue to have significant, but unpredictable, effects on world nickel prices.A clear and detailed analysis of the industry and its major marketsA survey of trends in mining, refining, processing, end-use and consumptionUnique industry and market forecasts

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