Image of Nexx XR3R Zero Pro 2 Carbon Red Matt Full Face Helmet Size S EN

Nexx XR3R Zero Pro 2 Carbon Red Matt Full Face Helmet Size S EN

Nexx X.R3R Zero Pro 2 Carbon Red Full Face Helmet Rev up your engine and embrace the thrill with the X.R3R from Nexx - a masterpiece crafted for the apex predator of the racetrack. Uncompromisingly sporty, its design is a direct descendant of modern motorsport technology. The X.R3R isn’t just a helmet; it's a declaration of speed, designed to conquer the demanding conditions and intense emotions only found on the racetrack. With an impressive aesthetic that screams victory, this helmet is for those who live to be at the front of the pack. A WINNER, in every sense. Specifications of the X.R3R * Aerodynamically Optimized Design: The X.R3R's shell is not just lightweight; it's a testament to the power of aerodynamics. By reducing air resistance and optimizing airflow for interior cooling, it ensures that every ride is as swift as it is comfortable. The helmet guides air through strategic vortexes to a racing spoiler, enhancing stability and efficiency at high speeds. * Rear Spoiler Extension: Stability is key when you're pushing the limits, and the X.R3R's optional rear spoiler extension is a game-changer. It's designed to improve stability without compromising safety, thanks to its screw-fixed, break-away design. * X-PRO Carbon Technology: The X.R3R leverages 3K carbon fabrics, making it 10% lighter than its competitors while offering unmatched stiffness and strength. This high-tech helmet not only looks good but feels light, allowing for unparalleled performance on the track. * Superior Ventilation System: With six air intakes and four exhaust outlets, the X.R3R's ventilation system is in a class of its own. It's engineered to allow you to control the airflow, ensuring your head stays cool even in the heat of competition. * Advanced Soundproofing: Noise can be a distraction, but not with the X.R3R. Its comprehensive soundproofing, including vortex generators and a double rubber sealing profile around the visor, cuts down wind noise, letting you focus on the ride. * Double Lock System: Safety is paramount, and the X.R3R's double visor lock system ensures your shield stays securely in place, even during unexpected impacts, while remaining easy to operate even with gloves on. Extras of the X.R3R * X-Sensus Vision: Offering an expansive 225º horizontal and 85º vertical visual field, the X.R3R ensures superior vision on the track. Its visor, prepared for tear-offs, guarantees clarity and durability, making every second on the track count. * 2 Visors Included: A clear and iridium red visor are included in the box, together with a Pinlock 120XLT Max Vision. * Modular Interior Padding: Comfort meets customization with the X.R3R's interior. Removable, washable, and with anti-allergenic properties, it allows for a personalized fit that keeps you secure and comfortable at high speeds. * Air Cumbs Technology: Beat the heat with the innovative ventilation technology of the X.R3R. Its special alveolar mesh creates a fresh air chamber, ensuring a cooling effect that lasts, keeping you focused and in control. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We're here to help you in your search for new motorcycle gear. Want to see more? Then take a look at our Nexx Helmets () category page.
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