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N/A Gedore 8116370 Gedore 8116370

For a controlled and safe removal Designed for a pressure force of 10 t, 12 t or 15 t. The pressure piece can be replaced with a tip and extended if necessary The small pressure spindle is secured with a screw-out protection against unintentional unscrewing Preparation for use: 1. Before use, check that the pressure spindle is screwed far enough out of the cap so that the pressure piece is in the starting position in the hydraulic cylinder 2. Unscrew the cap from the spindle body. To do this, loosen the threaded pin first 3. Screw the spindle body into the traverse of the extractor from below until the spindle body protrudes approx. 60 mm from the traverse 4. Screw the cap onto the spindle body as far as it will go and then fix it in place by screwing in the threaded pin Use and operation: E.g. HSP3 5. Position the puller and pre-tension the spindle body with wrench SW 41 6. Screw pressure spindle SW 17 into the cap. The hydraulics are used. The stroke of the pressure piece in the hydraulic cylinder is max. 12 mm. The hydraulically released workpiece can be completely removed by turning the spindle body with the cap SW 41 7. After use, the pressure spindle SW 17 is turned back to its initial position and the pressure piece is pressed into the hydraulic cylinderThis text is machine translated.

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