Image of Märklin 55166 Track 1 fast train steam locomotive series 15 of DRB

Märklin 55166 Track 1 fast train steam locomotive series 15 of DRB

The Diva in black guise Model: Express train steam locomotive BR 15 of the German State Railways in black basic color with red chassis. Designed by K.Bay.St.B. as a locomotive for fast driving tests. Locomotive number 15 001. State around 1928. Model: Complete new construction made of metal. Chassis, locomotive construction with boiler and driver's cab made of die-cast zinc. Other metal parts (MS). Elaborate model with many scheduled elements and highly detailed driver's cab. Smoke chamber door for opening. Movable driver's cab doors, etc. with mfx digital decoder with 32 functions, controlled high-power drive and noise generator with wheel-synchronous driving noise as well as extensive sound functions. Operation possible with alternating current, direct current, Maerklin Digital and DCC. Built-in buffer code. All driving axles powered. In-built smoke generator with wheel-synchronous steam output, multi-stage cylinder steam and steam whistle. Engine lighting, three-light spike signal with epoch-compliant light color changing with the direction of travel. Front lighting conventional in operation, can be switched digitally. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white LEDs Red end signal switchable/switchable and driver's cab lighting. Digital switching, multi-colored fire-pit lighting (flickering) with motor-driven moving fire-pit flap and rotating figure for prototypical reproduction of the feeding of the fire-pit. Switchable motor-lowering tender carbon imitation. Equipped with spring buffers, locomotive model front with screw coupling, rear equipped with remote-controlled telex coupling, (can be exchanged against screw coupling at the rear). Control switchover (forward, reverse, continuous operation) in 3 stages. Built-in engine driver figure.The model comes with an equipment package with a screw coupling, steam oil and gloves. Mounted on a black painted aluminum base for display case presentation. Accessible minimum radius 1,020 mm Length over Buffer 66.2 cm. Weight approx. 6.8 kgThis text is machine translated.

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