Image of LGB 23100 G Capricorn electric train set of RhB

LGB 23100 G Capricorn electric train set of RhB

The Abe 4/16 are four-part electric multiple units, of which the Rhaetian Railway ordered a total of 56 units at Stadler Rail. The rollout of the first train took place on 15 April 2019 at the Stadler plant in Altenrhein. The first train was delivered in Landquart on 27 June 2019 and then subjected to various tests. The RhB names the trains as Capricorn after the Buenner Wappentier Steinbock, WAS can also be seen on the illuminated Graubuenden crest on the front.The trains, which are slightly over 76 meters long and weigh 130 tons, contribute to the acceleration and compression of passenger transport on the RhB with their output of 1,400 KW and their maximum speed of 120 km/h, not least through the possibility of coupling up to four multiple units. The trains are equipped with an automatic central buffer coupling. In contrast to Allegra, they are only used for passenger transport and are not used for the carriage of goods wagons.The order of these 56 trains with a value of CHF 534 million is the largest order for rolling stock in the history of Rhaetian Railway.In ancient tradition, the Trains name of Bergen, the first train number 3111 was named Piz Ela in Filisur on 9 October 2020. Since 2021, more and more of these trains have been on the RhB network – especially in Praettigau on the line from Landquart to Filisur. Model of the railcar and control coaches of the train set of the series Abe 4/16 Capricorn of the RhB. Original prototypical color and inscription of the era VI. Driven with two ball-bearing high power engines on 4 wheel sets, traction tires. Equipped with a mfx/DCC decoder with a lot of sound and light functions, such as head light changes with the direction of travel, interior lighting as well as lighting of the destination displays and the illuminated crest of gray bunes switchable in digital mode. Driving noise functional even in the analogue mode. Pantographs on the power unit digitally remote-controlled lift and lowering Many set details, like lines, plug sockets, windscreen wipers, antennas and rear view mirror. The two vehicles can be supplemented with the two middle wagons 33100 and 33150 to form a prototypical four-coach train. Length over buffer 153 cm. With the two middle wagons 33100 and 33150 the train can be expanded to a prototypical four-part unit. Driving noise functional even in the analogue mode.This text is machine translated.

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