Image of KS Tools 1177572 Wallbox Type 2 32 A 740 kW RFID

KS Tools 1177572 Wallbox Type 2 32 A 740 kW RFID

• Charging station for wall or column mounting in accordance with IEC61851• For electric and hybrid vehicles• With charging cable type 2 (IEC 62196-2)• Up to 7.4 kW charging power• 32 A (single phase)• 230 V• Mode 3• Residual current circuit breaker RCD type B.• With overheating protection• 5 Meter Cable length• RFID access control• Practical holder for type 2 plug• TUeV certified, CE and RoHS certifiedThe efuturo Wallbox is characterized by its compact design as a space-saving charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles. Through the integrated LED-display the Wallbox is easy to use and provides information about the charging status or possible error messages at a glance. The Wallbox is secured via an RCD type B residual current protection switch and thus fulfills the highest safety standards. The high-quality plastic casing is suitable for a safe operation of the efuturo Wallbox outdoors. The ergonomically shaped Type 2 charging plug, and the high-quality and long-life cable with 5 meter action radius connects the Wallbox quickly and easily with your electric or hybrid vehicle. The integrated RFID card reader enables you to prevent the use of the Wallbox by unauthorized persons. Simply hold the supplied RFID card to the Wallbox. The charging process is only activated after this authentication; the Wallbox starts communication with the vehicle. If you do not use the Wallbox, you can tidy the type 2 plug in the designated holder to prevent damage to the plug due to overlaying or similar. Convert your garage or customer car park into your personal gas station for your electric and hybrid vehicles with the efuturo Wallbox. The optional base column displays your wallbox in addition. It is possible to reduce the charging time significantly with the efuturo Wallbox. During the charging cycle for a Renault Zoe on a household outlet (2.3 16 kW) it takes about 25 hours for a 3.7 kW Wallbox and only 4.5 hours for 11 kW. Up to 10 times faster can be achieved with a 22 kW Wallbox, the charging time is reduced to approx. 2.5 hours. It should be noted that our household power sockets are not designed for the amount of electricity used for charging electric or hybrid vehicles. While it is possible to load vehicles at sockets, this should only be considered as an emergency solution. The simple construction of the efuturo Wallbox saves you an unpleasant surprise in the bill of your electrician. The installed components are best known to your electrician. The extremely expensive RCD type B fault-current protection switch is already integrated in the efuturo Wallbox. This guarantees you the highest level of safety and the circuit breaker does not need to be installed in addition in the external switch cabinet by a specialist.This text is machine translated.

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