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Jumo 60002122 Temperature sensor

Its impact-resistant housing with high-quality plastic cover and die-cast aluminum base makes the 1-pin mechanical body thermostat very robust and can also be used under harsh conditions. The measuring system used works according to the principle of liquid expansion and can be used without any problem up to a maximum admissible sensor temperature of 575 °C. The smooth round sensor made of stainless steel has a diameter of 6 mm with a probe length of approx. 148 mm. The remote control line of the thermostat is also made of stainless steel and can be laid flexibly according to a bending radius of 5 mm. The maximum permissible ambient temperature on the housing (protection type IP54) is 80 °C. The desired shutdown temperature can be easily adjusted with the help of a screw driver after removing the cover on the inside on a scale. The temperature monitor is characterized by a high switching point accuracy of + / -1.5 % in the upper scale third. A decisive advantage is that no additional power supply is required for measuring the temperature. The electrical connection is made by screw terminals directly on the micro switch built-in, which can directly switch a maximum permissible switching capacity of AC 230 Volt / 10 A. The thermostat has a switching difference (hysteresis) of approx. 4 to 8% of the scale range and switches back to the original state automatically after this value is fallen below the switch-off temperature. The temperature monitor can be used very flexibly and is used both in the heating, air-conditioning, ventilation technology as well as in the plastic industry, in apparatus and mechanical engineering as well as in oven construction and for temperature monitoring in laboratories and climate chambers. The device is approved in accordance with DIN EN 14597 and has EAC approval.This text is machine translated.

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