Image of Joy-it RB-JoyPi-Note Education Bundle Raspberry Pi® 4 B 8 GB 4 x 15 GHz Storage case PSU

Joy-it RB-JoyPi-Note Education Bundle Raspberry Pi® 4 B 8 GB 4 x 15 GHz Storage case PSU

The Joy-Pi Note is the new flagship in the Joy-Pi family. With its 29.5 cm (11.6) IPS screen and a removable, wireless keyboard, it takes over the basic idea of the Joy-Pi in a new, high-quality and attractive format.With 46 courses and 18 projects, the Joy-Pi Note is not only suitable as an experimental center, but is also ideal for use in the educational field. With more than 22 integrated sensors and modules, there are no limits to your experimentation. The introduction to electrical engineering and programming is thus simplified.The installed and specially developed learning platform for the Joy-Pi Note allows the installed units to be operated and learned independantly of their own prior knowledge. It is also possible to connect additional sensors and modules via the externally guided pins of the Raspberry Pi and thus also to carry out more complex projects.Of course, the Joy-Pi Note can also be used as a classic notebook. All programs compatible with the Raspberry Pi® 4 can be installed. Video conferences are also possible, for example, with the integrated 2MP camera.On the bottom of the device you will find a compartment where you can use a power bank to also operate the Joy-Pi Note on the move.The heart of the Raspberry Pi® 4B (8 GB RAM)The Raspberry Pi® 4B is the powerful enhancement of the extremely successful credit card-sized computer system. This 3rd-generation Raspberry comes with a high-performance ARM Cortex A72 4x 1.5 GHz quad core processor. This upgrade gives Raspberry Pi® 4B a lot more performance in certain applications. WiFi and Bluetooth® Low Energy and Gigabit LAN onboard are available for quick and easy networking.INCLUDED PYTHON PROJECTSHello welcome project burglar alarmEnvironmental monitoringServo DemoNFC music NFC-controlled music boxTilt indicatorDistance MeasurementSmart LightingUltrasonic music RGB Cobra gameStepper motor demoRadio controlMusic boxBox slideMemory gamePocket CalculatorsPIR videoFlying bird gamePYTHON COURSES INCLUDEDIntroduction to Python3 and GPIOAlarm with buzzerThe vibration moduleControl the relayThe inclination sensorThe 7-segment displayThe joystickThe breadboardControl the servo motorControl the stepper motorThe 8x8 RGB LED Matrix controls PIR sensorMovements with the touch sensorControl the LCD displayThe sound sensorDetect light via the light sensorThe DHT11 sensorThe ultrasonic sensorRGB LED RainbowThe infrared receiverPlay songs via infraredThe button matrixAlarm systemMorse Sign TranslatorThe RC522 RFID moduleRFID Numbers Part 1RFID Numbers Part 2Recording with the microphone Recording with the cameraPIR-controlled videoSCRATCH COURSES INCLUDEDGet to know ScratchIncoming callsBruellaffe gameScheuer HaseThe Evil ManCatch the mouseWHAC MoleFlying catsTilt noteBurglary alarmAutomatic fanFlashing LEDPan-controlled lightMemoryOpen the safeMorse codeINCLUDED SENSORS, MODULES & ACCESSORIESDisplays: 7-segment display, 16x2 LCD module, 8x8 RGB matrixSensors: DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor, tilt sensor, motion detector, sound sensor, touch sensor, RFID module, light sensor, ultrasonic sensorMotors: Servo interface, stepper motor interface, vibration motorControl: Joystick, 4x4 button matrix, Raspberry Pi & PCB connection switch, motion detector sensitivity controller, sound sensor sensitivity controller, 16x2 LCD module brightness controllerOther: Relays, fans, GPIO extension, GPIO LED indicator, breadboard, IO/ADC/I2C/UART expansion interface, infrared sensor interface, buzzer, display driverThis text is machine translated.

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