Image of ID 874942770 Barlow Tyrie Aura 3 Cushion Sofa Cover

ID 874942770 Barlow Tyrie Aura 3 Cushion Sofa Cover

Barlow Tyrie covers are made using WeatherMAX-LT®, a modified highly UV-resistant polyester fabric offering superior strength and durability with long-term color retention. This fabric is the industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for outdoor applications requiring high water repellency and excellent breathability; the perfect choice for outdoor furniture covers where lightness and ease of storage offer an advantage. These lightweight, one-way breathable covers allow trapped moisture to disperse, but prevent rain and dust from penetrating. A unique fastening ensures a secure fit. The life and good looks of the cover depend a great deal on the way it is used and how it is cared for. The covers are easy to put on and remove, and can be stored in their own pouch when not required.Helpful hints: If the furniture has any sharp corners or edges, place foam rubber on the sharp edge to reduce risk of puncture or abrasion of the covers. For table and chair combinations, placing an object, such as a beach ball, under the center of the cover can help with water drainage. When covering the Dune day bed and ottoman please ensure that the ottoman and cushion are placed on top of the base cushion before covering.Note: Covers for standard dining groups are designed to cover the furniture with the chairs not under the table.

Price: USD 475.00

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Home, Kitchen, Garden & Tools ID 874942770 Barlow Tyrie Aura 3 Cushion Sofa Cover USD 475.00

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