Image of ID 1221823979 FORENCOS - All About Tattoo Tint 41 Colors Book Special Set 41 pcs

ID 1221823979 FORENCOS - All About Tattoo Tint 41 Colors Book Special Set 41 pcs

Brand from South Korea: FORENCOS. Benefits: A luxious special set of FORENCOS's whole lip tint collection! A selection of long-wear, transfer-free velvety lip tints that tightly adheres to your lips, giving a blurred effect for a soft look and brightens up skin complexion without drying out the lips. Buildable coverage that allows to create gradient or full lips. Covers up discolored and dark lips. Contain honey, shea butter and avocado oil to moisturize chapped lips. Color Details: #01 Pomme: A dried apple peel-like cool tone red for a vibrant complexion and plumped lips. #02 Gala: A lively warm red shade. #03 Minuit: A stunning cool tone pink. #04 Roux: A tone down deep rosy shade. #05 Brun: A rosy shade with a hint of milk tea brown. #06 Mignon: A daily baked peachy coral. #07 Peak: A cherry-like shade that leaves two extreme impressions. #08 Castella: A pure and warm beige shade. #09 Tender: My lips but better rosy shade. #10 Pimpant: A versatile reddish rose shade. #11 Nouveau: Unique dried rose-like vintage pink with a hint of brown. #12 Jabouley: Neon red shade that brightens up the skin. #13 Vivant: Living coral for vibrant-looking skin. #14 Meek: My lips but better coral shade that pairs well with different makeup looks. #15 Coy: My lips but better rose-petal like shade. #16 Ruler: My lips but better cool burgundy brown shade. #17 Rose: A classic french chic shade between cool rose and red. #18 Muhly: Pinky beige shade that can wear all year long. #19 Moss: A coral beige shade. #20 Zinnia: A mocha beige shade mixed with cold beige and a hint of warm pink. #21 Breath: A warm nude beige. #22 Fuzz: A peachy nude that gives you a no-makeup makeup lips look. #23 Ruddy: An elegant nude warm pink. #24 Pit a pat: My lips but neter rose shade. #25 Bud: A beige, red shade. #26 Tinge: A soft strawberry milk-like barbie pink. #27 Lucid: A juicy neon coral pink. #28 Mezzo: Pale hot pink shade. #29 Bora: A warm-tone muted pink-like lavender shade. #30 Maroon: A classic warm-tone persimmon rosy shade. #31 Even: A bright tulip-like red shade. #32 Rosier: Warm rose-like red. #33 Hearty: A bright red shade. #34 Pink: Bright neon pink. #35 Vin Chaud: A pinky red shade. #36 Razzle: A plump pink shade. #37 Black Cherry: Ripe cherry-like blood red. #38 Alice: A candy pink shade. #39 Fancy: Neon peach shade. #40 Daisy: Coral with a hint of red. #41 Queen: Soft rose beige. How to use: 1. Wait until the lip balm to dry completely before applying

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