Image of ID 1190368876 UV Pure (R000006) UPSTREAM NC 30 Ultra Violet System 30 GPM @ (75T) 15" w-o Flow Control

ID 1190368876 UV Pure (R000006) UPSTREAM NC 30 Ultra Violet System 30 GPM @ (75T) 15" w-o Flow Control

The Upstream Series of UV Water Purification SystemsAfter establishing industry leadership with its NSF/ANSI 55 Class A Hallett series, UV Pure has introduced its new Upstream series. Upstream is equipped with the same Crossfire Technology found in the Hallett systems, is laboratory verified to the same standards as its NSF/ANSI 55 Class A series, and is affordably priced.Why Upstream ?Laboratory tested to 40 mJ/cm2 dose at END of lamp life ” same as NSF/ANS55 Class A certification. Competing brands test at beginning at lamp life and at a potentially unsafe dose of only 30 mJ/cm2. Tested at 50% and 75% UVT (UV transmittance) of water. Competing brands test at virtually pure 95% UVT. Operates at a wide range of water and air temperatures and pre-treatment ranges, unlike competing brands with limited operating conditions. CROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE UV TREATMENTNSF/ANSI 55 Class A Certified to 30 USgpm, 113 L/min, 6.7 m³/hrHighest UV Dose - proprietary high-output long-life lampsUV dose rate at max flow is 40 mJ/cm2 at end of lamp lifeElliptical reflectors target & deactivate pathogens from 360°Lamps air-cooled - operate at most effective UV output at all timesCROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY IS RISK FREE & FAIL-SAFEDual smart UV sensors monitor both UV output and water qualityBuilt-in microprocessor monitoring with both visual & audible alarm notificationAutomatic shut-off fail-safe solenoid valve “ if the water is running, water is safeCROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY IS SELF-CLEANINGAutomatic mechanical quartz cleaning system “ quartz does not foulNo quartz cleaning and system drainage required with no risk of quartz breakageWater softening not required saves money and the environmentCROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY IS VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREELamps mounted in air - easy to change, no system draining requiredCROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY IS SIMPLE TO INSTALLFlexible stainless FIP connections for quick & simple installationCompact sizeSPECIFICATIONSMax Flow Rate: 30 GPMConnections: 1.5"Max Power Consumption: 190 Watts Operating Pressure: 100 PSI (tested to 240 PSI)Dimensions : 32" H x 8" W x 9" D (81cm H x 20 cm W x 23 cm D)Transmittance: 75%

Price: USD 2599.00

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Home, Kitchen, Garden & Tools ID 1190368876 UV Pure (R000006) UPSTREAM NC 30 Ultra Violet System 30 GPM @ (75T)... USD 2599.00

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