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HT Instruments PV SERVICE-PACK W4 PV multimeter

I-V500wThe I-V500w enables the determination of the current-voltage characteristic curve of individual photovoltaic modules as well as of a module string up to max. 1500 V and 15 A. The current power (MPP), peak power, short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage are displayed on the graphic display by simply pressing a button and are automatically converted to standard test conditions (STC). The measured I-U and performance characteristic converted to STC are also displayed. From the comparison between the measured and specified characteristic curve of the manufacturer (up to 35 modules with their technical data can be stored simultaneously in the module database of the I-V400w), conclusions can be drawn immediately about the current quality status of the PV modules. The measured data and the characteristic curve can be stored in the I-V400w after the measurement with 3 reference numbers (system, string, module number) and text comment and transferred to the PC or iPad/tablet via the optically isolated interface or via W-LAN and evaluated for further processing (protocol). The I-V400w has a database with the characteristics of the most common PV modules. This database can be extended or updated at any time by the user directly as well as via the PC interface with THE TOPVIEW* software.SOLAR300NWith the SOLAR300N you carry out all the necessary measurements to check and certify the correct functioning of 1- and 3-phase photovoltaic systems. The large graphic TFT color display with innovative touch-screen function enables easy access to every setting and measuring function. The SOLAR300N determines the DC output power of the solar cells, the AC output power of the inverter, the solar irradiation in W/m² and the temperature of the solar cells. The AC and DC current clamps are connected to measure the power in front of and behind the inverter. Usually, the inverter is located far away from the solar cells. To avoid the use of very long measuring lines, the SOLAR300N uses an external wireless measuring value sensor, THE SOLAR-02, which records the following parameters such as solar radiation [W/m²], the temperature of the solar cells [°C], the ambient temperature [°C] and transmits them to the SOLAR300N via the USB interface at the end of the recording. The SOLAR300N is able to record all measured values in detail over a longer period of time thanks to the large built-in measurement memory of 15 MB. Installation errors and too low module values can thus be quickly and easily determined as well as documented professionally. THE TOPVIEW Management software enables the user to create professional measurement protocols, including integration of the company logo, user data, recording notes, etc.This text is machine translated.

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