Image of Greisinger GMH38-LW2-TFK Moisture probe

Greisinger GMH38-LW2-TFK Moisture probe

Measuring device for fast material humidity determination in bales and bulk materials. Universal tool for loss prevention and quality assurance. Both the display device as well as the stick sensor have been optimized for use in agriculture.The over 1 m long stick sensor with integrated temperature probe is very well suited for measurement in hay and straw rolls as well as bulk goods. By penetration into the material can be easily and quickly determine material humidity and temperature.The strength of the measuring procedure: With little effort (without special samples), the humidity in bales*) and bulk solids (grain wood chips) be estimated, even Moisture esters can be detected.Due to the quick and precise temperature measurement, you can also use fermentation and fermentation effects to be assessed, even if the material humidity already has the measuring range of the measuring device (as for example in Silage…)This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 945.24

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