Image of Gesipa 1679659 Cordless riveter 1 pc(s)

Gesipa 1679659 Cordless riveter 1 pc(s)

AccuBird Pro The battery-operated rivet set of the latest generation – up to 4 x faster than the conventional battery sets!With the brushless motor and 13,000 N setting power the AccuBird Pro is extremely fast andSets blind rivets up to Ø 6 mm of all materials. Extremely fast, almost no wearThe AccuBird Pro's BLDC motor has an extremely long service life and is almost wear-free. In comparison toOn the market rechargeable battery devices the setting process is up to 4 times faster and comparable withPneumatic-hydraulic rivet setting units. The draw process is performed by the optional auto reverse functionAlso shortened and the AccuBird Pro is immediately ready to use. Proven and ergonomicThe AccuBird Pro is likewise with the already tried and tested thousand times and low wear fodder baking system, as wellWith the ergonomic design of the TAURUS series. Working rangeBlind rivets from Ø 2.4 mm aluminum up to Ø 6 mm of all materials (max. Mandrel-Ø 3.7 mm). Please note the use of the correct pressure bushing according to the operating instructions! Technical dataSetting force 13,000 NWeight 2.1 kg. with {battery}Drive: Brushless motor (BLDC)Working stroke 25 mm.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 1081.88

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