Image of Gedore RL-DVI28 2653338 Lever

Gedore RL-DVI28 2653338 Lever

Particularly suitable for: · Industry, construction sites, car and truck garages, agricultural technology, construction machinery · Bridge, aircraft and railway construction, shipbuilding, refineries · Machinery and plant engineering, maintenance Features: · Mechanical hand torque multiplier for controlled screw tightening and unloosening screw connections · With a single-stage planet gear · High-performance aluminium housing · Multiplication at the ratio of 1:4, 1:5.5 · Guaranteed accuracy: Better than +/- 3 % tolerance · For operation in combination with a torque wrench · 2 models for maximum load in the range between max. 2000 N·m and 2800 N·m · Z model: with Z-form, offset reaction arm of chrome-vanadium steel · L model: with L-form straight reaction arm - with adjustable reaction square - of lightweight metal · Output square with drill hole for impact sockets with safety pin and ring Scope of delivery: · Torque Multiplier DREMOPLUS ALU · With firmly integrated reaction arm of an Z- or L-form depending on model · Delivery in sturdy shipping case with foam insert · Factory test certificate and setting table · Detailed technical information is available on request

Price: EUR 779.74

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Universal Malls & Stores Gedore RL-DVI28 2653338 Lever EUR 779.74

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