Image of GYS I E200 Inverter welder 5 - 200 A

GYS I E200 Inverter welder 5 - 200 A

Micro-processor controlled welding inverter with keyboard and digital control panel. All-round device, it requires only a single-phase mains connection despite intensive use 16 A 230 V and automatically adapts to any mains voltage. E-HAND: weld all common steel, stainless steel, cast iron, Rutil-, and alkaline stick electrodes (Ø1.6 mm) and has the following functions à 5: anti-sticking, adjustable Hot Start simplifies the welding start of all metals (low hot start = thin metal sheets/high hot start = hard to welded materials (e.g. metals with dirty or oxidised), Arc Force: regulates the arc by the set current value, continuously increase automatically when the arc short. Thearc length is almost kept constant. WIG-LIFT: WIG Burner with rotary valve (optional). To make this device allows aestetische wires with: WIG-lift light ignition procedures by electronically controlled WIG-Lift Procedure: Tungsten connections and radio electrical faults are reduced. Arc down slope: this innovative function allows a crater-free seam finish thanks to the switch-off of the arc. The time is adjustable and the switch-off, thanks to simple motion of the burner. Suitable for all petrol engines. This device is suitable for all situations (e.g. construction site, with extension cord or power unit), since there are two innovations of the power management includes: PFC (Power Factor Correction) it regulates and uses the power supply more effectively, so that the device with a simple mains connection 16A 230V can work, although it is intensively used, compared to a protection of 32A-230V, a device without PFC is needed. FV (Flexible Voltage)it automatically adapts to the mains voltage and can be between 85 V and 265 V each mains voltage.

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