Image of Eaton 300301 PXF-40/4/03-S/B RCCB RCD (all types of current) S/B 4-pin 40 A 03 A 230 V 400 V

Eaton 300301 PXF-40/4/03-S/B RCCB RCD (all types of current) S/B 4-pin 40 A 03 A 230 V 400 V

· Allcurrent-sensitive ground fault circuit interrupter for fault and additional protection· 4-pin types can also be used with 2-pin for photovoltaic / electric charging stations· New precision level , hardly unwanted triggering- Short-time delayed “storm-proof” shutter release- Increased surge current strength 3 kA- Detects DC fault currents- Detects mixed frequencies· Annual test interval· Real contact position indicator· Automatic restart possible· Transparent labeling plateFeatures PXF-B and PXF-S/B.· Contour and rail compatible with other P-series devices· Double comfort terminal lift/mouth top and bottom· Free terminal space despite mounted busbar· Universal trigger signal switch can be retrofitted· Auxiliary switch Z-HK can be retrofitted· Contact position indicator red - green· Delayed types suitable for use with standard fluorescent lamps with and without electronic ballasts (30mA-FI: 30 pieces per external conductor) Notes: Depending on the ballast manufacturer, some more possible. Symmetrical distribution of the ballasts across all phases advantageous. Observe the instructions of the manufacturer of the ballast.· The function of the switch is independant of the position.· The circuit breaker can therefore be used in the sense of the installation regulations for “fault protection” and for “additional protection”.· The 4polige switch can also be used with 2 or 3-pole. See connection examples.· The test button “T” must be pressed every year about this circumstance and the responsibility of the system operator must be demonstrably informed. If used under special conditions (construction sites, laboratories), the test button may have to be pressed more often. The statements of the respective installation regulations apply here.· By pressing the “T” test button, only the fault current (FI) circuit breaker function is tested. This test does not replace the Ground Resistance (RE) or the proper Ground Circuit Status Test, which must be performed separately.· Type -/B: Short-term delay + surge-proof 3 kA, all-current sensitive, type B (EVE E 8601)· Type -/B: High reliability against false alarms. Mandatory for circuits with possible personal injury or property damage in the event of false alarms (EVE/ONORM E 8001-1 § 12.1.6).· Type- -S/B: Selective + surge-proof 5 kA, all-current sensitive, type S/B.· Type- -S/B: Selective ground fault circuit breaker. Protects all types with residual current forms.This text is machine translated.

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