Image of EU Shoei GT-Air 3 Discipline TC-6 Full Face Helmet Taille 2XL

EU Shoei GT-Air 3 Discipline TC-6 Full Face Helmet Taille 2XL

Shoei GT-Air 3 Discipline TC-6 Full Face Helmet Meet the Shoei GT-Air 3, a marvel in motorcycle helmet engineering that sets new benchmarks in comfort and safety. This next-generation touring helmet is not just about sleek aesthetics; it's about experiencing the ride in the most refined way. With its aerodynamic design, silent ride technology, and the ECE 22/06 homologation, the GT-Air 3 ensures you're tour-ready. The integrated Shoei Comlink system keeps you connected seamlessly, while enhanced ventilation makes every journey a breeze. Features of the Shoei GT-Air 3 * Shock-Absorbent Shell in AIM: The Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell offers optimal rigidity and shock absorption. By dispersing impact energy effectively, it ensures maximum protection during a collision. * EPS Liner System with Multiple Densities: This liner system enhances impact absorption by utilizing varying densities. It's tailored to provide extra protection where it's needed most. * Mist-Retardant CNS-1C Pinlock® Visor: Enjoy clear vision in all weather conditions with the CNS-1C visor's mist-retardant capabilities. The Pinlock® system prevents fogging—a crucial feature for both safety and comfort. * Stainless Steel Micro Ratchet System: This system allows for quick and secure adjustments to the fit of the helmet, ensuring it stays in place and remains comfortable throughout your ride. * E.Q.R.S. Security System (Emergency Quick Release System): In the event of an accident, the E.Q.R.S. allows for safe and rapid removal of the helmet, reducing potential harm. * ECE 22/06 Homologation: Meeting the latest standards in helmet safety, the GT-Air 3 offers reassurance that it's built for comprehensive protection. Extras of the Shoei GT-Air 3 * QSV-2 Sun Visor: This built-in sun visor provides instant relief from sun glare with an easy-to-use mechanism, allowing for an enjoyable and distraction-free ride. * 6 CNS-1C Visors in Individual Tints: Customize your helmet according to the conditions or your personal style with an array of tinted visors (sold separately). * Detachable and Washable Pads: Keep your helmet fresh and clean; all pads are easily removable and washable. * Shoei Comlink System: Seamless integration of a communication system (not included). No distraction of the helmet design, perfect aerodynamics. * Pinlock® Sheet, Breath Guard, & Chin Curtain Included: These extras ensure your visor remains fog-free while providing additional comfort and protection against the elements. Want to see more? Then look at our Shoei helmets () category page.
Blanc - Fibre de Verre / Mélange de Fibres - unisex

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