Image of EU HJC RPHA 71 Cozad Yellow Black Full Face Helmet Taille S

EU HJC RPHA 71 Cozad Yellow Black Full Face Helmet Taille S

HJC RPHA 71 Cozad Yellow Black Full Face Helmet Take your riding experience to the next level with the RPHA 71, HJC's pinnacle of sport-touring helmets. Designed to cater to any adventure, from daily commutes to epic cross-country journeys, this helmet packs superior performance into a sleek, lightweight design. The RPHA 71's foundation lies in its Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) Evo shell, combined with multi-density EPS for unparalleled shock resistance and protection. Its engineering promotes a quieter, more aerodynamic journey, extensively tested in HJC's state-of-the-art wind tunnel. With the inclusion of a sun visor and compatibility with SMART HJC Bluetooth systems, the RPHA 71 ensures you're always in control and connected. Features of the RPHA 71 Dive deeper into what makes the RPHA 71 a standout choice for riders seeking the ultimate helmet: * Premium Integrated Matrix / P.I.M EVO: Leveraging a blend of Carbon-Aramid Hybrid and Natural Fiber, this helmet goes beyond expectations in shock absorption, offering a lighter, more comfortable fit that doesn't compromise on protection. * Aerodynamic Shell Design: Every curve and contour of the RPHA 71 is crafted to reduce air resistance, ensuring stability at high speeds while minimizing noise for a more enjoyable ride. * Optimized Airflow: Featuring dual intakes and exhausts, the helmet facilitates a full front-to-back airflow system, keeping you cool and comfortable irrespective of the weather conditions outside. * Pinlock Ready HJ-40 Visor: This visor is your shield against the elements, offering 99% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating to maintain clear visibility. Its quick, secure ratchet system makes adjustments and replacements hassle-free. * Dynamic Multi-Step Sun Shield: With the sun shield's optimized adjustment capabilities, you can easily find the perfect setting to protect your eyes against glare without losing sight of the road ahead. * Comfort and Hygiene: The interior of the RPHA 71 is lined with advanced anti-bacterial fabric, enhancing moisture wicking and quick drying to keep you fresh on every ride. Plus, the crown and cheek pads are both removable and washable, ensuring your helmet remains in pristine condition. * Bluetooth Ready: Gear up for seamless connectivity with readiness for SMART HJC Bluetooth systems, allowing for easy navigation, communication, and entertainment on the go (Bluetooth systems sold separately). Extras of the RPHA 71 The RPHA 71 comes packed with premium extras to enhance your riding experience: * Pinlock: Say goodbye to foggy visors and enjoy clear visibility under all conditions. * Chin Curtain & Breath Deflector: These additions work in tandem to reduce noise and prevent shield fogging, ensuring a comfortable and focused ride. * Double-D Chin Strap: For maximum security and ease of use, the Double-D chin strap provides a snug, adjustable fit that stays in place, no matter the speed. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We're here to help you find the perfect motorcycle gear. Looking for more? Check out our HJC Helmets () category page for a wide selection of top-quality helmets.
Jaune - Fibre de Verre / Mélange de Fibres - unisex

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