Image of EU HJC RPHA 12 Ottin Orange Black Green Full Face Helmet Taille XL

EU HJC RPHA 12 Ottin Orange Black Green Full Face Helmet Taille XL

HJC RPHA 12 Ottin Orange Black Green Full Face Helmet The RPHA 12 helmet from HJC marks a bold step forward in helmet technology and design, seamlessly blending high-impact visuals from the race track to the urban sprawl. Developed in HJC’s cutting-edge R&D and Wind Tunnel facility, the RPHA 12 boasts increased ventilation for the ultimate riding experience. Crafted with HJC's Advanced PIM EVO construction, it offers the perfect combination of lightness and durability. With its enhanced shield, providing wider and thicker visibility, the RPHA 12 sets new standards for rider comfort and performance at all speeds. Designed for the demands of both the racetrack and the street, it's the go-to helmet for riders seeking unparalleled versatility. Features of the RPHA 12 * Premium Integrated Matrix / P.I.M. EVO: Utilizing a blend of Carbon-Aramid Hybrid and Natural Fiber, this helmet offers exceptional shock-resistance, alongside a noticeable reduction in weight, ensuring both safety and comfort during rides. * Pinlock Ready HJ-42 Visor: This visor not only blocks 99% of UV rays but also features an Anti-Scratch coating. Its Two-Way Pivot Ratchet system enhances the seal and smoothness of movement, keeping your vision clear in every condition. * Aerodynamics: Every curve and contour of the RPHA 12's shell is designed for peak performance, significantly reducing drag and improving stability at high speeds. * Emergency Kit (Cheek Pads): In urgent situations, these pads can be quickly removed, facilitating faster and safer helmet removal by emergency responders. * Enhanced Vision: The broadened eye port not only enhances peripheral vision but also contributes to better overall situational awareness. * Advanced Interior: The anti-bacterial fabric of the interior liner is optimized for moisture wicking and quick drying, keeping you dry and comfortable. Extras of the RPHA 12 * Diverse Visor Options: Comes standard with a 2D Clear and Dark Smoke visor, alongside a Pinlock lens, giving you flexibility for all lighting conditions. * Comfortable and Clean: With removable and washable crown and cheek pads, maintaining the freshness of your helmet has never been easier. * Secure Fit: The reliable DOUBLE-D RING chin strap buckle ensures your helmet stays perfectly in place, no matter the speed. Keen to take your ride to the next level with the HJC RPHA 12? Contact us () for an in-depth look at this innovative helmet. Or, browse our HJC Helmets () category for more advanced options. With ChromeBurner, gear up for a ride that combines style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology.
Multi - Fibre de Verre / Mélange de Fibres - unisex

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