Image of EU Alpinestars GP Plus V3 Graphite Noir Combinaison 1 pièce Taille 54

EU Alpinestars GP Plus V3 Graphite Noir Combinaison 1 pièce Taille 54

Why choose the Alpinestars GP Plus V3 Graphite Black 1 Piece Do you feel the need for speed? The GP Plus V3 is a great racing suit by Alpinestars for real speed demons. One-piece racing suits () are perfect for high-speed riding, track days, races and for the days where all you want to do is ride the best lines and set the fastest times. This Race/Sport one-piece motorcycle suit for Men is, just as the name suggests, made of one piece. Compared to two-piece racing suits, a one-piece racing suit is the safest possible option, because there is no risk of the top part coming loose from the bottom in case of a high-speed crash. There are no two ways about it, if you want maximum protection: hoist yourself in this Black Alpinestars 1-piece leather motorcycle racing suit! Safety features of the GP Plus V3 This Alpinestars leather racing suit is made of Cowhide leather which provides optimal protection. Cowhide leather This full racing suit is provided with CE Level 1 elbow , CE Level 1 shoulder, CE Level 1 knee and is prepared for additional Back , Chest protection. The high-end protection is made to minimize injuries when things don’t go as planned. This suit also has Fixed, Plastic sliders. So no worries, with this AA certified suit you’re covered! The GP Plus V3 comfort The Alpinestars GP Plus V3 is best suited for Midseason, Summer with its Fixed, Mesh lining. This suit is provided with Perforated areas. However the suit is not waterproof, for the wetter track days you'll need to get an additional waterproof layer (). To increase comfort and give you more mobility, the leather is combined with stretch materials at strategic places. This ensures the best fit to your body. Say hello to enough freedom of movement! Yes Tip! Putting on your suit and taking it off can sometimes be a hassle. Especially when it’s warm outside. To make this process easier and increase wearing comfort, we recommend investing in some base layers (), just like the racers do. Lightweight material is definitely a go-to, since it will wick sweat away and keep unwanted odors at bay. Alpinestars GP Plus V3 looks There’s no doubt that you will look sporty and speedy with this Black one piece racing suit. You’re ready to go and hit the road! Is this Alpinestars GP Plus V3 racing suit not the one you’re looking for? No problem, we have enough other Alpinestars suits () in our collection. Or are you looking for a two-piece racing suit ()? Check out our collection of motorcycle suits () to see if there’s one to your liking.
Noir - Cuir de Vache - male

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