Image of EFOY 150 BT Fuel cell 71 A 12 V 24 V

EFOY 150 BT Fuel cell 71 A 12 V 24 V

With the EFOY fuel cell you always have your environment-friendly power generator with you – in the mobile home, on the boat or in the hut.Your freedom. Your power.With the EFOY fuel cell you always have your own compact power generator with you and are completely independant of the power supply. The EFOY charges reliably, quietly and environmentally friendly all common 12 or 24 V battery types fully automatically. Whether in a camper, on the boat or in the (garden) hut, you decide where the EFOY is used.Lots of power in a small space.With a height of only 6 kg and 27.5 cm, the EFOY is a real space wonder. Thanks to its compact design, the EFOY can be installed anywhere in a space-saving way.Power in any weatherNo more sweating in the sun, from now on you can stand in the shade. Even in bad weather, at night or in winter – the EFOY fuel cell produces electricity, in contrast to the solar panel or wind generator. You can combine solar and EFOY fuel cells naturally.Completely carefree!The EFOY charges your battery fully automatically and does not require any maintenance. It switches on when the battery needs to be recharged and switches off again as soon as it is full. All you need to do is change the cartridge when it is empty. Unscrew, screw on, done!Enjoy the peace!The EFOY produces particularly low-noise power and is just as loud as the fan of a laptop. Noise pollution from loud diesel generators is a thing of the past.For the sake of the environmentThe EFOY generates electricity in an environmentally friendly way. In a chemical process, apart from electricity, only waste heat and water vapor with a small amount of CO2 are generated. It can therefore be installed safely in the interior.The fuelEFOY fuel cells require our EFOY fuel cartridges for power generation. These contain high purity methanol* and are a safety-tested system developed especially for EFOY fuel cells. The EFOY tank cartridge is easy to replace in seconds.This is how you control EFOYYou can control the fuel cell easily with the EFOY APP via your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you only need to connect the Bluetooth adapter to the EFOY. In the app you can see all the information about your fuel cell and battery at a glance. Monitor the fill level of your tank cartridge or the daily consumption, for example. Simply download the EFOY APP from the app store.EFOY fuel cells with solarOf course, our EFOY fuel cell also works with other power generators, e.g. they only switch on when the modules cannot supply enough power due to bad weather (e.g. snow, cloudy sky, free in the shade, etc.).This text is machine translated.

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