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ECOFLOW Smart Home Panel Combo

EcoFlow Smart home module integrates EcoFlow Delta Pro into your home to deliver a flexible, expandable battery solution that stores power for future use. You can connect up to 10 of your home power circuits for power outages, smart energy management and more. And you can also save money.Prepare for power outagesIn case of a power failure the Smart home module changes immediately to your 10 integrated circuits and obtains power from your Delta pro. You will hardly notice a loss of power, because your selected circuits are continue to be supplied after a changeover time of only 20 ms.More capacity and performanceThe Smart home module supports and charges up to two Delta Pro units via quick charging as well as additional batteries and intelligent generators. This offers you a potential output power of 7200 W and 25 kWh capacity, which is sufficient to provide power to virtually everything in your home and provides power to you over the days in the event of a power failure.Energy consumption control, monitor and manageControl each of your built-in home circuits via the EcoFlow app to get an overview of your typical energy consumption. Use a variety of settings to adjust your power consumption. You can optimize the emergency power supply for your home, save money or set custom options to plan your power consumption according to your requirements. Once everything is set up, you can even control from your phone which power source is to be used in your house.Save money on your electricity billsUse the power of YOUR Delta Pro(s) to power your home during peak periods. This makes your electricity bills cheaper and the utilization of the power network during peak hours is reduced. Use cheap power/renewable energy to recharge your Delta pro(s) outside of peak times.Be independent of the mains supplyBe less dependent on the mains and prepare for power outages. Choose the EcoFlow portable solar modules to store power at any time, or charge on the roof from your mains-connected solar modules while the mains is available. No sun? We are working on a wind turbine. No sun and no wind? Charging via the mains. No sun, no wind and a power failure? Still no problem. In the worst case, you still have the EcoFlow Smart generator as an emergency solution for charging your batteries.This text is machine translated.

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