Image of Digittrade Kobra USB stick 256 GB Anthracite DG-KSB-256 USB-C®

Digittrade Kobra USB stick 256 GB Anthracite DG-KSB-256 USB-C®

The KOBRA stick is an encrypted USB-C memory stick in a stable, elegant metal casing. It enables the data protection-oriented storage and storage as well as the secure transport of sensitive business and private data from authorities, companies and private individuals. The KOBRA Stick was developed in accordance with the BSI's Technical Guidelines, has the quality mark IT Security made in Germany and is a good option for storing data safely while on the move due to its safety functions.The data stored on the KOBRA Stick is protected against unauthorized access in terms of the confidentiality of the information, such as when the data carrier is lost or stolen, as well as in the case of logical or physical attacks. The KOBRA Stick ensures the confidentiality of the data through the following security mechanisms: Safety mechanisms and special features:1. EncryptionThe encryption module integrated in the security housing performs a complete encryption of the KOBRA stick. Each stored byte and each sector described on the data carrier is encrypted with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in XTS mode using two cryptographic keys each with 256-bit encryption. The KOBRA Stick also encrypts temporary files and areas that are often ignored by the encryption software. 2. Access controlAccess is via entering a user PIN. The stick automatically generates the new encryption keys and resets the user PIN to the factory settings as soon as the permitted number of incorrect PIN entries has been exceeded. Access to the data previously stored on the stick is then no longer possible. 3. Management of cryptographic keysThe user can create, modify, and destroy the cryptographic keys at any time. These operations are irreversible. After the generation of new encryption keys, the old encryption keys and thus all data stored on the data carrier are permanently destroyed. Therefore, the stored information may need to be backed up to another encrypted disk beforehand.The two 256-bit encryption keys responsible for encrypting and decrypting the data are generated using a hardware random number generator and stored securely within the stick. They are transferred to the encryption module of the KOBRA Stick after the user PIN has been entered correctly for encryption and decryption of the data.4. USB port and input interface On the front panel, the KOBRA Stick has an input keyboard with a main key, two command keys (“X” cancel key and “V” confirmation key) and ten input keys (0 to 9). The connection to a PC is made via the USB-C 3.0 interface.5. Power SupplyThe necessary power supply is generally provided by the KOBRA stick via the USB connection. In addition, this USB stick has an integrated autonomous power supply, which enables an activation before the connection to a PC as well as a pre-boot authentication and a subsequent computer start from the KOBRA stick. 6. Authentication and administration The authentication and administration of the KOBRA stick is done via the menu mode by entering numbers and commands. Switching to the menu mode is generally done from the waiting mode by pressing the main button. To execute the commands, the KOBRA stick usually requires the connection to a PC or another external power supply (e.g. USB power supply or USB hub). Exceptions are the authentication on the KOBRA stick, the activation or deactivation of write protection as well as the generation of new encryption keys. These functions can also be used on battery power. 7. Roles and permissionsThe KOBRA Stick allows the roles and authorizations to be split up in terms of the management and operation of the data medium.The user knows the user PIN. He can change this PIN, authenticate (log in) to the stick, enable and disable write protection, destroy the valid encryption keys and generate new ones. The user PIN enables authentication on the KOBRA stick and therefore access to the stored data.The administrator knows the admin PIN. He can change the admin PIN, make time-out settings, and set the number of allowed error attempts. Based on its authorizations, the administrator has no option to access the stored data of a KOBRA stick. 8. Write protection mechanismThe activated write protection offers you an additional protection against viruses and Trojans while using the stick on a foreign PC. In addition, this prevents the accidental storage of sensitive information from a PC or server on the stick. Before authentication, the user can check whether write protection is activated by pressing the 2 key. The main button, which is lit permanently in violet, indicates that write protection is activated. If write protection is disabled, the main button lights up green. 9. Time-out and quick-out functions The administrator can set the number of minutes after which the activated KOBRA stick automatically locks up if no read or write access to the stick takes place within the specified time. The selection for the lock is between 1 and 30 minutes. To u

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