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Coolant tester testo 316-4

The testo 316-4 allows the rapid and reliable detection of leakages for R134a, R22, R404a, ² H, and all common refrigerants such as CFCs, HFCs or PFCs. The sensor is permanently monitored and indicates the malfunctioning or contamination in the display Thus the application of test leakages is not necessary In the case of contamination, the sensor can be simply cleaned and is again immediately operational The display changes with leakage from green to red. Additionally an audio signal refers to detected leakages. The function of drag indicator indicates maximum leakages and thus facilitates the detection of leaks. The flexible goose neck makes possible the optimal positioning of the sensor close at the pipe work system or at the measuring point. A simple sensor change by the user makes testo 313-4 with the optional NH ³- sensor for the ammonia leakage detector

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