Image of Chauvin Arnoux PEL 106 Network diagnostics 3-phase Data logger

Chauvin Arnoux PEL 106 Network diagnostics 3-phase Data logger

The PEL106 power data logger measures and stores all important data for an exact analysis of energy consumption. The PEL106 can be installed and used without power interruption.ErgonomicsThanks to its field-compatible housing with IP67 degree of protection, the PEL106 can be used anywhere. It has 4 inputs for voltage and 4 inputs for current.No more problems with batteries or rechargeable batteries, as the recorder supplies itself with power via the phase.Its illuminated LC display shows four measured values digitally and is easy to read. The PEL106 has a pluggable SD/SD HD memory card, so that the data can be recorded for several months or years.MeasurementsThe PEL106 is suitable for all network types and automatically detects the connected sensors. It measures voltages up to 1000 VAC/DC and currents up to 10 kVAC/5 kVDC. Due to the large measurement range, it can record power up to 10 GW/GVAR/GVA and energy up to 4 EWH/EVAh/Evarh. [??? vérifier ces unités ?? courants en kVAC, énergies en EWH ??]It also has an alarm mode. The user can enter alarm thresholds and a list of alarm events is created.Analogue measurementsIn conjunction with the remote built-in L452 data loggers, the PEL106 can also record external parameters such as temperatures, pressures, torques in up to 2x8 channels and thus refine the search for causes of faults, for example. This function also enables the use of the PEL106 for renewable energies, such as wind turbines.Extremely well networkedThe PEL106 has a variety of communication options: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G/GPRS. With the new 3G/GPRS procedure, the user can insert a SIM card into his PEL recorder and thus communicate with him wirelessly via a GSM/3G connection. In the event of an alarm, the user can have an e-mail sent.If access to the PEL106 is difficult due to protection devices on the data networks, access to the data is also possible via an IRD server.SoftwareWith the software PEL Transfer the data stored in the PEL100 recorders can be analyzed without any problem. The software can automatically detect energy losses through the various performance measurement campaigns.Novelty: The software directly calculates the cost of the energy consumed and displays it in the local currency selected.THE DATAVIEW software platform can automatically generate reports. The user can enter alarm limits for the various measured values and thus receive individualized measurement reports.This text is machine translated.

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