Image of Chauvin Arnoux CA 6117 Electrical tester VDE standard 0100 0105 0413

Chauvin Arnoux CA 6117 Electrical tester VDE standard 0100 0105 0413

The C.A 6117 is a comprehensive multi-functional device for Controlling electrical systems according to national and international standards (IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, FD C 16-600 etc.) It combines advanced design, ergonomics, simple operation, efficiency, speed and precision in one device.The device suitable for all types of neutral conductor systems (TT, TN, IT) is ideal for a wide range of applications: Industry, service sector, residential sector.Ergonomics:The robust and compact C.A 6117 is characterized by a mature design with fast and practical commissioning. All results are clearly displayed on the large color LCD graphic display with background lighting.A rotary switch on the front of the device allows direct access to all functions. Numerous sound signals and displays allow a quick, standardized interpretation of the results. Context-sensitive help for each function guides the user systematically step by step or only through the procedures if necessary. Up to 1000 measurements can be stored in the device memory. The C.A 6117 is equipped with a USB connection, through which the data can be output.Measurements:The good performance of the C.A 6117 offers an excellent stability of the measurements – even in disturbed environment in the industry. The device has all the necessary measurements for the control of an electrical system: Continuity, resistance, insulation, earthing and selective earthing measurement, loop impedance, fault currents type A and AC. In addition, the C.A 6117 enables the measurement of voltage, frequency, current via pliers, effective power, harmonics as well as the direction of the rotating field.Even better, a fuse module has been integrated into the device, which enables measurements on residual current protective devices (RCD) of type B. This can also be used to measure the voltage drop.The C.A 6117 was developed and manufactured in France using eco-design techniques.Result analysis:The measurements made with the C.A 6117 can be processed with the universal DataView® evaluation software. DataView® automatically detects the device when connected to a PC and starts the corresponding menu. The data stored on the device as well as the configuration functions can be accessed directly via a tree structure.There are several predefined report models available that meet standards requirements.In addition, the user can create his own models if required.The standard-installed ICT software program enables a simplified and quick analysis of the saved measurements and is equipped with the following functions: Data retrieval, parameter setting of the device, personalized setup of measurement series with transmission of reports to the device and report processing.Accessories:The device is supplied with extensive accessories in a large pocket for the device and all accessories.This text is machine translated.

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