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Bissell Spinwave Robot cleaner

THE Bissell SpinWave vacuum robot is a real multi-purpose cleaner, combining two functions: Using the dry tank, the robot offers powerful suction for up to 130 minutes. The rotating roller brush, 1500 Pa suction power and the edge bristles provide for the effective cleaning of different types of floor – from carpets and carpets to tiles, laminate, wood and more.For a more thorough cleaning of your hard floors, simply replace the dry tank with the wet cleaning tank with the rotating mop pads attached to it. The robot then actively wipes your hard floors with the rotation of the mop pads and the cleaning power of THE Bissell multi-surface cleaning agent. The mixture of water and cleaning agent is applied to the mop pads and not directly to the floor, so there is no risk of too much liquid being applied to sensitive floors.The laborious mopping with mop and bucket is no longer necessary. THE Bissell SpinWave vacuum robot is equipped with a specially developed navigation system and provides intelligent, structured cleaning patterns on your floors. Stubborn dirt is tackled several times in spot mode, and the robot detects and avoids carpets and carpets in wet cleaning mode. WITH Bissell Connect app*, you can plan your robot's inserts, control them and customize your cleaning experience by choosing different cleaning modes and one of three wet cleaning modes (low liquid, medium volume, high liquid volume) that are tailored to your soil types and cleaning needs.This text is machine translated.

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