Image of Bellcome Smart 7 Video-Kit 2 Familie Video door intercom Corded Complete kit 14-piece White

Bellcome Smart 7 Video-Kit 2 Familie Video door intercom Corded Complete kit 14-piece White

Glass &TouchTempered glass is the essential material used to make the Touch Line line, creating minimalist and timeless elegance. In addition to the minimalist esthetic, the chemically pre-tensioned glass provides for other basic properties of the products: Scratch and shock resistance, tightness, permanent polability and easy maintenance. The use of backlit TOUCH buttons is consistent with current trends in design and technology in terms of ease of use through a universally recognized visual language with intuitive graphical markers. The smart+ audio indoor unit represents a stylish presence through a solid and essential appearance, which can of course be integrated into any interior environment.7 color LCD displayThe simple truth is that an image is worth more than a thousand words. smart+ 7” indoor video unit displays high-quality images throughout the call and monitoring.Night vision is excellent, 20 meters away, even if there is no street lighting.Intuitive hands-free functionThe touch keyboard is very representative both by its universal, minimalist symbols and by the visual signaling during the entire usage period. The buttons have different functions in stand-by and during operation, a multi-functionality, which brings further advantages to the users. The user interaction with the indoor unit is minimal, since each function can be achieved with a single keystroke. Another very important feature of the touch buttons is that they are not blocked, regardless of the frequency of use, which was a long-term reliability.Orientable video camera, infrared LEDsThe video camera is an essential component that influences the benefits of the entire system due to its functionality and positioning. For this reason, the video camera module integrated in the advanced outdoor unit was carefully developed for a variety of situations in daily use.- the quality of the displayed images is of high quality, with a precise color reproduction.- Images are transferred throughout the call, call and monitoring. The video image remains active for 10 seconds to visually confirm the completion of the action.- Night vision is excellent, even if there is no street lighting. The infrared LEDs, which are activated by a light sensor, provide a visibility of 20 m.- The visualization angle can be optimized based on the position of the outdoor unit in relation to the input, whereby the camera can be aligned 25° to the left or right.- in the event of condensation or very low temperatures of up to -30°C, the camera operates within parameters which are equipped with a local heating system.- the flashing red LED`s indicate the activity of video surveillance for additional security.Answer call, audio monitoring, ring tone selectionWhen the indoor unit is called, the button flashes. The call starts with a simple touch and runs completely free for a maximum of 2 minutes. When the indoor unit is in standby mode, pressing the button activates audio monitoring for 15 seconds. Therefore, you can always hear what was happening in front of the entrance and have the option of speaking bi-directionally. Even in standby mode, the preferred ring tone can be selected from the 5 available options through a very simple procedure.Call volume, call volume, muteThere are 7 available volume levels for the call and call and the option to activate the call in mute mode. Volume settings can be made both during use and in standby mode. The mute mode is signaled visually by a red LED that is permanently on.Access, setting the call durationAccess can be granted in any indoor unit mode - standby, call, call or monitoring. In standby mode, the call duration can be set to 1/2/3 calls or 1 minute, depending on the setting.Auxiliary commandThe auxiliary key can be used to control another automatic mechanism: Entrance gate, garage door, exterior lighting system. The BELLCOME door intercom system is equipped with direct connections for such automation, with which the installation can be upgraded with various additional devices.Backlit touch keyboard with name displayThe developed capacitive touch keyboard is both esthetically and functionally clever. The call button has a generous surface and simultaneously integrates the uniformly backlit name display. The implemented technical solution ensures the very efficient function of the keyboard:- the call is initiated by pressing any area of the frame with the capacity evenly distributed.- No erroneous calls in the event of rain or high humidity.- the keys are not locked regardless of the usage frequency.- The names of the inhabitants are very easy to adapt/change.- the light sensor activates the backlight of the keyboard only during the night.Enhanced compatibilitythe smart+ 7” video indoor unit is compatible with all outdoor units, video and audio indoor units and accessories of the Touch Line line and offers the possibility to be used in simple configurations for houses and multi-family houses, and offers the possibility f

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