Image of BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 12 PC power supply unit 1500 W ATX 80 PLUS Titanium

BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 12 PC power supply unit 1500 W ATX 80 PLUS Titanium

80 PLUS® TITANIUMthe highest efficiency certificate everThe Dark power pro 12 1500W is 80 PLUS Titanium certified and achieves an efficiency of up to 94.9%. A real advantage for any high-end system, because this reduces energy consumption, provides better cooling and quieter operation. Standby consumption is less than 0.1 watts. WORLD-CLASS REGULATIONof fully digital controlthe fully digital control (PFC, LLC, SR/12V) enables a higher efficiency, better regulation and a lower ripple. This ensures an incomparably stable operation. With the digital concept the Dark power pro 12 achieves a very high efficiency under all conditions, even at low load. FRAMELESS SILENT WINGS FANpatented fan technology for almost inaudible operationof the be quiet! Silent Wings fan is mounted on a tripod and thus enables maximum air flow as well as an almost inaudible operation under normal load. This is due to its unique, flow-optimized design with advanced fluid dynamic bearings and a low-vibration 6-pole motor, which ensures an extremely long life and minimum energy consumption. INNOVATIVE COOLING CONCEPTfor a long lifeof the divided funnel-shaped air intake of the Dark power pro 12 1500W provides for an increased air throughput without unwanted swirling and thus for a better cooling of all components. This in combination with a wireless design in the power supply leads to a longer service life of the components. SUITABLE FOR OVERCLOCKINGBring the power supply to its maximumthe Dark power pro 12 1500W has strong and stable 12V-lines. The overclocking key opens up all possibilities for overclocking by manually changing between the six independant 12V lines and a solid 12V line. MAXIMUM COMFORTmodular cablesthe individually sheathed cables with a length of up to 120cm as well as the modular cable management simplify the installation of the components and reduce the disturbing cable mess. This results in improved airflow and cooling performance, even in the largest PC enclosures. STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGIESExcellent signal stability and efficiencyThe most technically advanced power supply that is be quiet! ever built. Full-Bridge, LLC and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) technologies provide unmatched signal stability and energy efficiency. The DC/DC converter provides for an even stronger voltage regulation – even with heavy cross-loads. This ensures reliable operation, even with the next generation of processors and graphics cards. HIGH-QUALITY JAPANESE CAPACITORSprove for highest qualityonly the best components are used in the Dark power pro 12 1500W. Therefore only high-quality Japanese capacitors are used. They are designed to operate at an operating temperature of up to 105°C and ensure reliability and a long service life. OUTSTANDING OPTICSof large cooling area and new optical aspectsthe new funnel-shaped power supply opening with full-surface fine-mesh fan grillee enables maximum air flow. The combination of individually sheathed cables and the aluminum casing in connection with the high-end components inside presents the Dark power pro 12 1500W from inside as well as outside in highest quality.This text is machine translated.

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