Image of Asus ROG Phone 6 Smartphone 512 GB 172 cm (678 inch) Black Android™ 12 Dual SIM

Asus ROG Phone 6 Smartphone 512 GB 172 cm (678 inch) Black Android™ 12 Dual SIM

ROG PHONE 6 FOR THOSE WHO DARENow even better! The ROG Phone 6 – the best gaming phone in the world – has evolved! Equipped with the latest high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, the world-class GameCool 6 thermal system and a 165Hz display, you can master every battle and cross all borders with absolutely ground-breaking visuals. The AirTrigger 6 system and the Armoury Crate app provide comprehensive control, while the 6000mAh monster battery lets you compete on the go with your gaming marathons. The new ROG Phone 6 is already a true legend – convince yourself!EVEN BETTER DESIGNNot only the internal values were updated. The new design of the ROG Phone 6 can also be seen! The combination of geometric simplicity with the latest technology catapults the gaming phone into the next age and is your absolute high-tech design.EVEN BETTER RGB COLORSThe ROG Phone 6 offers futuristic Aura RGB lighting options. For example, the famous ROG Fearless Eye dot matrix logo on the back can be displayed with two different colors in a really cool color gradient. Of course, you can personalize the lighting with a huge choice of colors and several preset options.· 8 preset lighting options· Up to 16.77 million color combinationsEVEN BETTER PERFORMANCEThe powerful performance of the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform is a class of its own. The clock speed has been increased to an incredible 3.2GHz – with up to 15% more CPU performance and 20% more energy efficiency compared to the previous Snapdragon® 888 in ROG Phone 5.Our world-famous Armoury Crate Performance Manager releases even more performance and tuning. This gives the ROG Phone 6 complete control over the CPU performance, in order to handle every demanding task easily!EVEN BETTER COOLING TECHNOLOGYThe optimized GameCool 6 cooling system in the ROG Phone 6 offers a comprehensive thermal design, which optimally cools the CPU from every direction. The GameCool 6 uses three different cooling approaches to offer optimum stability even during a demanding game: On the one hand, the boron nitride (BN) heat conductive paste on one CPU side reduces the thermal throttling during short gaming sessions. On the other hand, the enlarged Vapor Chamber and Graphite unit dissipate the heat more efficiently from the other CPU side during medium gaming sessions. In addition, the new AeroActive Cooler 6 features an AI-controlled active cooling system with Peltier cooling element, which provides additional surface cooling with a fan positioned just above the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) to ensure long-term stability.BRAND NEW 360° CPU COOLING TECHNOLOGYIn the first 15 minutes of gaming, it is especially important that the heat of the CPU is dissipated to all thermal components.The 3,300 mg BN heat conductive paste transfers the heat from the CPU side opposite the Vapor Chamber, dissipates the heat of the chip much more efficiently and provides for a maximum CPU and GPU performance, in order to ensure a stable frame rate during gapping.EVEN BETTER VISUALSThe first-class 6.78″ AMOLED display in the ROG Phone 6 offers grandiose visuals with surprisingly low latency. With the 165Hz refresh rate and 720Hz sampling rate, you get a gaming experience with extremely responsive, error-reduced inputs and super-smooth, seamless gameplay. Pin-sharp gaming or HDR-video playback – with the ROG Phone 6 everything looks great!BRILLIANT VISUALSThe display in the ROG Phone 6 not only offers the best color accuracy in the world, but is also optimally protected by the ultra-aromatic Corning® Gorilla® glass Victus™, while Eye Care Display technology protects your eyes. With the ROG Phone 6 you are always well equipped!EVEN BETTER AIRRIGGERThe AirTrigger 6 has also been optimized for even better control. The ultrasonic sensors support different motion controls, including new functions such as dual ACTION, press and lift and Gyroscope Aiming. The unique AirTrigger 6 offers you an absolutely comfortable control experience, which surpasses that of a console thereby.GYROSCOPE AIMINGOn the ROG Phone 6 you can now control the viewing angle with Gyroscope. Simply hold the ultrasonic button pressed and then control the viewing area by moving or tilting the gaming phone.This feature is unbeatable in MOBA and Shooter games! Explore the surroundings or find your opponents by simply turning the gaming phone.X-HAPTICFor strong haptic feedback, the ROG Phone 6 features a linear high-end X-axis drive for an unmatched gaming experience.EVEN BETTER GAMINGOne of the most popular features of the ROG Phone is Armoury Crate, which has now been fundamentally revised – with a cooler and futuristic interface and a style corresponding to the PC version. You can set up and customize scenario profiles not only for games, but for all apps, optimize performance settings, and customize many other custom features.GAME GenieThe ingenious gaming optimization feature Game Genie also got an update! It

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